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Author: joybucket
Created: December 17, 2016
Taken: 22 times
Rated: G

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Have you ever--suicidal version

Created by joybucket and taken 22 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever...
contemplated suicide
attempted suicide
had someone wish you were dead
had someone hate you
had someone hate you and bully you for no reason
been excluded
been neglected
been abused
been belittled
been persecuted
been told you were not right in the head
been called a bad name
been rejected
been made fun of
had a suicidal friend
lost someone close to you to suicide
stayed up all night with someone who was suicidal
known of someone in your town who committed suicide
researched different ways to commit suicide
had the police called on you
had someone try to kill you
had a church leader try to drive you to suicide
called a suicide hotline
had someone on a suicide hotline be rude for you
prayed for someone who was suicidal
gone years wishing you could share your heart with someone
gone years wishing you had someone you could trust
searched for years for someone you could trust
been bullied at four or five different churches
been mistreated by a cop
been bullied on the Internet
had someone lie to a cop about you
been threatened
felt threatened
felt threatened for your life
been in so much pain that your prayed that you would die
written a suicide note
written an "I need you" note to someone
felt worried for a friend who was suicidal
had a friend tell you the day they were planning to take their life
had to tell a teacher that someone told you they were suicidal
been mistreated by a counselor or therapist
thought about the things you would like to do before you die
thought of running away
thought of selling all your stuff and running away...far, far away
reported something online and had the site admin not enforce their rules
done drugs
been drunk
had an eating disorder
had someone cast a direct curse on you
felt ashamed
felt self-conscious
had low self-esteem
missed your mom from the way she was before the devil took her captive
lost your best friend
lost a parent
had no parents
been kicked out of your house
been homeless
worried about becoming homeless
been poor
been close to having no money
worried about being completely broke
worried about what you were going to do when you were on your period when..
..you were broke and homeless
been molested
been oppressed
been a victim of theft
had your identity stolen
been attracted to someone of the same gender as you
been given flack for your sexuality
been abused because of your spirituality/religious beliefs
reported hate speech to facebook and they didn't remove it
reported nudity to facebook and they didn't remove it
reported abuse to a social media site and they didn't remove it
been given flack for saying you support the first amendment
been called fat and ugly
been called a slut/whore/bitch
been held hostage
been enslaved
been treated as a slave
literally been a slave
stood up to a bully
had the police give you flack for standing up to a bully
been bullied by a teacher
been fired when you did nothing wrong
been through something traumatic
had a chronic pain disease
been to the emergency room
not had health insurance
lost your health insurance because you were fired from your job
been fired because the manager didn't like you
...even though you did nothing wrong, and the ones in charge swore in..
..front of customers
thought that you might be better off dead
felt unloved
literally had no one who loved you
...or who cared
...or who even wanted you here
been refused assistance by someone who could help but just didn't want to