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Author: joybucket
Created: December 10, 2016
Taken: 69 times
Rated: G

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Girly Have You Ever

Created by joybucket and taken 69 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever...
had a canopy bed
had a doll collection
had a porcelein doll
had a tea party
curled your hair
straightened your hair
worn bright red lipstick
worn a bow in your hair
worn a dress
had an American Girl doll
played with Barbies
said pink was your favorite color
dyed your hair blonde
had naturally blonde hair
worn high heels
fallen while wearing high heels
almost fallen while wearing high heels
competed in a beauty pageant
worn a tiara
worn earrings
gotten year ears pierced
had a pink bedspread or comforter
had pink carpet in your room
had pink walls in your room
had a stuffed animal collection
painted your nails pink
spent a long time getting ready
burned yourself with a curling iron
wrote in a diary
cried while watching a movie
cried while reading a book
cried in class
cried at church
been to church camp
written a long letter to someone
shared a secret with a friend
played Truth or Dare
daydreamed about your crush
had cramps
had really bad cramps
had cramps that made you throw up
found relief from a heating pad
worn pink lipstick
worn mascara
worn eyeliner
thought that something didn't look good on you
thought you didn't look good without make-up
thought you were ugly
thought you were pretty
thought you were beautiful
hated yourself
loved yourself
beat yourself up about something
been mad at yourself
had low self-esteem
felt insecure
been abused
been bullied
been left out
been lonely
been neglected
been in love
had a crush on a teacher
loved someone from afar
had a crush from afar
kept your crush a secret
just put on a headband or hat instead of washing your hair
had a good luck charm
done something you regret
been cautious about getting your hair messed up
felt self-conscious
thought you were fat
not liked having your picture taken
dyed your hair
had your hair done at a salon
got highlights in your hair
got a tattoo
worn a miniskirt
worn leggings
worn yoga pants
worn a skirt
owned a designer purse
worn designer jeans
used a credit card
braided your hair
put your hair up in a messy bun
taken ballet lessons
tried on dresses for a dance
tried on wedding dresses
went to a school dance
worn a corsage
been given a rose
slow danced
worn your hair in braids and had one of them smack you in the face
had your purse stolen
had your heart broken
cried yourself to sleep
taken a bubble bath
been to a spa
had a professional massage
eaten a box of chocolates
worn chandelier earrings
worn an expensive piece of jewelry
wished you were the opposite gender