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Author: joybucket
Created: December 6, 2016
Taken: 20 times
Rated: G

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Have you ever (I'll try to come up with new ones)

Created by joybucket and taken 20 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever....
thought your crush looked like you?
been in love with two people at the same time?
had a crush on two people at the same time?
wondered if you could call what you were feeling a crush or not?
cried over a crush/love you hadn't seen in three or four years?
had a friend that was spoiled?
felt angry at your friend because she was spoiled?
hated being talked down to?
thought eating kale was a delicious experience?
thought riding a roller coaster was relaxing?
beat yourself up after you made a dumb decision?
had a crush on someone of the same gender as you?
kissed someone of the same gender as you?
skipped school?
skipped work?
drank apple cider vinegar?
got your hair highlighted?
been beat up?
stood up to a bully?
stood and stared at a pretty house?
fell asleep in your clothes?
worn pajamas all day?
donated money to charity?
donated clothes to charity?
been bullied by someone who should have been helping you?
realized that people who were supposed to be helping you were actually...
...using you as bait?
realized that you truly are all alone in the world and that nobody cares...
...about you?
realized that homeless people aren't lesser than you, they're just less..
realized that life is cruel and unfair?
realize that the reason bullies bully is to bring you down?
...and that they're doing it because they hate you and want to make your..
..life miserable?
realized that most people are puppets and don't actually think for...
realized the most people really are not good-hearted people?
realized that people bully you on purpose to try to get a rise out of you?
realized that people like drama and try to start it on purpose?
realized that most people are fake?
realized that you've been naive?
wished you had someone that loved you?
realized that people are selfish and no one really cares about your needs?
realized that people take and take and nobody gives?
realized that you are all alone in this world?
tried to contact a dead person?
realized that the world as a whole is getting worse?
...and has been gradually getting worse over time?
realized that the books and songs out now are raunchier than when you...
...were a kid?
realized that sometimes it's ok to lie?
realized that your dad is a jerk?
..and doesn't really love you?
had cold hands while inside your house?
thought about what it would be like to BE your crush?
wished that you had more money?
wished that someone loved you?
longed for love?
wished that those who were blessed with loving family and friends would...
...share some of what they have?(i.e., pay it forward and love others?)
had a church leader lure you in as bait?
written a song?
submitted an embarrassing moment to a magazine?
considered yourself a good singer?
considered yourself a good dancer?
considered yourself spiritual?
considered yourself religious?
considered yourself sheltered?
considered yourself rebellious?
considered yourself shy?
had low self-esteem?
felt insecure?
felt self-conscious?
wondered if your crush liked you?
wondered why your crush acted weird around you?
wondered if your crush thought he/she was better than you?
deleted someone after they posted something offensive on facebook?
been bullied by your crush?
had your crush try to kill you?
had your crush exclude you?
had your crush refuse to speak to you?
had someone be mean to you and then cut off all contact with you instead..
..of apologizing?
cried in church?
cried at school?
cried in a public place?
cried at a funeral?
thought you were superior to others?
got a tattoo?
got a tattoo that you later regretted getting?