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Author: joybucket
Created: December 5, 2016
Taken: 37 times
Rated: PG

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Have you had the same bad life experiences as me?

Created by joybucket and taken 37 times on Bzoink
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Part 1- The Bad
Have you ever...
cried yourself to sleep
been bullied
cut yourself
contemplated suicide
thought maybe you'd be better off dead
wondered why people hate you so much
been excluded from a group
been abused by your parents
been kicked out of your house
been disowned by your parents
been bullied by a teacher
been bullied by a peer at school
been bullied at church
had a restaurant manager be rude to you
been bullied by a fitness instructor
been bullied online
been bullied by someone you had thought was a friend
had a crush turn on you
had a friend turn on you
lost a friend due to her turning against you and becoming nasty
broken someone else's heart
had your heart broken
had a parent turn against you
been bullied by your crush
been bullied by someone you liked
been bullied by a church leader
felt neglected
been bullied by someone younger than you
been a victim of injustice
found out you had endometriosis
wondered if you had endometriosis
had cramps so bad you threw up
felt like throwing up while you were sitting in class
been abused
been bullied at work
been harassed
been sexually harassed
been molested
been afraid to leave your room
been afraid to leave your house
been afraid to go home
felt like you didn't have a home
felt unloved
worried about becoming homeless
lost your job
been to the ER
had something stolen from you
had your free will stolen from you
had a hard time forgiving someone
been bullied on facebook
been in so much pain you couldn't walk
been in so much pain you prayed you would die
put up walls around someone to avoid getting hurt
missed an incredible opportunity
beat yourself up over a dumb mistake that you made
cried while watching Amanda Todd's story on youtube
cried while scrolling through and reading Vylette Moon's story on facebook
been rejected by a church
been kicked out of a church group for no reason
been hated for no reason
been persecuted for your faith
been bullied after you stood up to a bully on someone else's behalf
been lied to by your parents
...about something huge
been nearly broke
felt violated
had someone force themself upon you
been peer pressured by an adult
been bullied by an adult
been bullied by a church leader after reporting bullying
been bullied by an admin after reporting online bullying
been called homophobic even though you're not heterosexual
been called religious even though you're not religious
been called homophobic and religious for saying your support...
..the first amendment
been bullied be a church leader's family members
had a "friend" turn on you out of the blue and send mean texts to you and..
..then block you and cut you out of their life completely
been bullied for your sexuality
been bullied for your spirituality/religious affiliation
been punished for doing what's right
been bullied because you were doing what's right
had someone hate you because they were jealous of you
been discriminated against
been a victim of substance abuse
been stung by a bee and had your whole hand swell up
been stung by a bee and had your whole foot swell up
had a migraine
had social anxiety
had severe ADHD
been denied treatment for your ADHD by your parents
been forced to take medication that you didn't need and that would harm you
had someone try to kill you
...and then had a church leader say that the person who tried to kill you..
.."was only trying to help"
spoke up about someone bullying you and then had other people start..
..defending the bully and join in bullying you, too
had a pastor act weird towards you
had someone on staff at a church be mean to you
been ignored by a pastor
been overlooked by a pastor
told a pastor you needed someone and then been ignored
been falsely accused of something
been threatened/ felt threatened
had someone treat you like you were lesser than them
had someone be mean to you after you apologized for something
had your mom turn against you
had controlling parents
been treated like a slave
been a slave
thought that life wasn't worth living if you had to live as a slave
been accused by a youth leader of asking for help just to make her angry
wondered if your parents lied to the police about you (I think they did)
been co-erced
had a mother-figure turn on you

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