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Author: joybucket
Created: December 4, 2016
Taken: 25 times
Rated: PG

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Let them know that we're still rock and roll (have you ever!)

Created by joybucket and taken 25 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever.....
dated someone you weren't interested in just to try it out?
broken someone's heart because you did the above ^?
posted something on the Internet that you regret?
felt ashamed of something you posted on the Internet?
sexted someone?
flashed someone online?
called a suicide hotline?
written a suicide note?
written an "I need you" note to someone?
professed your love to someone, and then been turned down?
thought about how good it would feel to cuss someone out?
...but not actually done it, because you're a nice person?
posted your secrets online?
contemplated suicide?
watched Amanda Todd's famous youtube video, the one where she shares..
..her story?
cried while watching Amanda Todd's youtube video?
felt angry at a bully?
cut yourself?
drank alcohol to numb your pain?
been beaten up?
had someone try to kill you?
been neglected?
attempted suicide?
been hospitalized after a suicide attempt?
had a bad experience with counseling?
watched Vylette Moon's story? (it's on facebook in a photo album)
cried while scrolling through Vylette's birth story?
lost a child?
lost something or someone extremely valuable to you?
cried yourself to sleep?
wondered if you'd be better off dead?
wondered if life was worth living?
had someone turn your back on you when you needed them?
had a friend pull away from you when you needed them?
had someone hate you?
not been able to trust anyone?
not known who you could trust?
wondered if it would be a good decision to go to counseling or not?
thrown your phone across the room in anger?
been in so much pain that you prayed that you would die?
had an ovarian cyst that you could feel?
baked cookies for too long?
wet your pants in public?
thrown up in public?
been so embarrassed that you wished you could just disappear?
made a stupid decision that you wish you could take back?
been a victim of bullying?
been a victim of abuse?
been bullied online?
been bullied at school?
been bullied at church?
been bullied at home?
been bullied at work?
had someone force themself upon you?
stood up for someone else being bullied and then had people turn on you?
wanted to rebel?
been persecuted for your faith?
been disowned by your parents?
questioned your sexuality?
feared for your life?
had someone hate you so much that they wanted you dead?