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Author: joybucket
Created: November 8, 2016
Taken: 40 times
Rated: G

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Have you ever learned...

Created by joybucket and taken 40 times on Bzoink
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how to skateboard?
how to snowboard?
how to ski?
how to ice skate?
how to draw people?
how to oil paint?
how to swim?
that you really don't know much at all?
how to bake cookies?
how to bake bread?
how to sew?
how to tap dance?
how to build a house?
how to play the trumpet?
how to snap your fingers?
how to whistle?
how to write in cursive?
how to write in calligraphy?
how to scrapbook?
how to use photoshop?
how to build a computer?
how to design a website?
how to edit photos?
how to make origami?
how to use chopsticks?
how to write a research paper?
how to introduce someone?
how to write a business letter?
how to stand up for yourself?
how to apologize to someone?
how to forgive?
how to cook?
how to make homemade lasagna?
how to bake a cake from scratch?
how to hear from God?
how to encourage someone?
how to have joy?
how to be a morning person?
how to make a habit?
how to take risks?
how to start a conversation?
how to make a friend?
how to be a good hostess?
how to drive a car?
how to fly a plane?
how to draw a still life?
how to paint a still life?
how to paint clouds?
how to put on eyeliner?
how to make people mad on facebook?
how to be content in any situation?
sign language?
to play the piano?
to read music?
to sing?
to dance?
how to cut hair?
how to make a rose with frosting on a cake?
to hula hoop?
how to dive?
to embroider?
to knit?
to crochet?
how to write a story?
how to write a poem?
how to make a resume?
how to get fired?
how to lose a friend?
how to make friends?
how to pray in a way that leaves you feeling good afterward?
how to play the drums?
how to lead worship?
how to be a good friend?