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Author: joybucket
Created: November 2, 2016
Taken: 38 times
Rated: G

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Halloween Have You Ever

Created by joybucket and taken 38 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever....
gone trick-or-treating
dressed up in costume
worn a wig
worn a mask
flown on a broom
walked through a haunted hause
had a nightmare
seen a ghost
passed out candy to trick-or-treaters
played dress-up
seen a real live bat
had a bat in your house
been afraid of the zombie apocolypse
seen a horror movie
ate candy corn
carved a pumpkin
wet your pants in a haunted house
wondered if your house was haunted
thought your house was haunted
walked through a cemetery at night
seen a demon
attempted suicide
contemplated suicide
slept with the light on because you were afraid of the dark
feared monsters
cried at a haunted house
felt sick from eating too much Halloween candy
had a horror movie marathon
dressed up as a scarecrow
dressed up as a mermaid
dressed up as an angel
dressed up as a Disney princess
dressed up as a zombie
dressed up as a ghost
dressed up as a cowgirl
dressed up as a gypsy
dressed up as a fairy
dressed up as a historical character
dressed up as a cartoon character
dressed up as an alien
dressed up as Minnie Mouse
dressed up as a cat
dressed up as a character in a movie
stayed home on Halloween and turned out the lights
dressed up as a witch
dressed up as a clown
dressed up as a skeleton
dressed up as a hippie
dressed up as a crayon
dressed up as a dinosaur
dressed up as an Indian
had a favorite type of Halloween candy
been given a whole candy bar while trick-or-treating
trick-or-treated at a mansion
walked through fog from a fog machine
painted your nails orange for fall/for Halloween
had a/ been to a costume party
screamed when you saw a spider
killed a spider
picked up a spider with your bare hands
heard a coyote howl at the moon
seen a harvest moon
seen a lunar eclipse
had someone make you do a trick when you asked "trick or treat"
went to a Halloween party
worn striped tights
worn fishnets
worn a cape
concocted a potion
cast a spell
tried a magic potion/ used essential oils
believed in ghosts
believed in aliens
believed in demons
believed in angels
believed in the devil
believed in God
believed in magic
practiced witchcraft
cast a curse on someone
participated in a seance
used a ouji board
believed in dragons
wondered if dragons were real
wondered if unicorns were real
believed in dinosaurs
walked through fire
talked with a shaman
had your palm read
had your fortune told
worn a witch hat
considered yourself a real witch
wished Hogwarts were real and you could go
made a Halloween gingerbread house
gone on a haunted hayride
dressed up as a vampire
called the night before Halloween "devil's night"
wondered if you were cursed
had someone cast a direct curse on you
believed vampires were real
believed witches were real
drank witches brew
flown on a unicorn