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Author: joybucket
Created: October 14, 2016
Taken: 113 times
Rated: PG

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Your past--have you ever (all things i've done)

Created by joybucket and taken 113 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever....
been stung by a bee
been sexually harassed
been kicked out of a church
been kicked out of your house
been abused
been disowned by your parents
been bullied
been bullied at school
been bullied at youth group
been bullied at church
been bullied in your home
been bullied online
been bullied at an exercise class
been hurt by the last person you ever thought would hurt you
had the police called on you
questioned your sexuality
came out to someone
cut yourself
cried yourself to sleep
dreamt of running away
contemplated suicide
been hurt by a church leader
been rejected
been excluded by a clique
wished you were more popular
felt jealous of someone
wanted to kiss your best friend
been in love with someone you only knew from afar
been in love with a teacher
been betrayed by your best friend
lost a friend who was jealous of you
lost a friend who saw you as competition
had someone hate you so much that they wanted you dead
feared for your life
been in so much pain you couldn't walk
been in so much pain you threw up
felt like throwing up when you were standing in the office at school
threw up from coughing so hard
found out you had endometriosis
had severe ADHD
had asthma and allergies
had cramps so bad you threw up
had a hot flash
had a migraine
had bronchitis
had your whole hand swell up from a bee sting
had your whole foot swell up from a bee sting
had a large part of your leg swell up from a mosquito bite
had so many mosquito bites on your face you felt sick
dated someone to test it out and see if you liked it or not
fallen asleep with your clothes on
written a love poem about someone you couldn't have
had a crush on a friend
had a friend crush (i.e., wanted to be friends with someone real bad)
had a 104 degree fever as an adult
been so embarrassed you wanted to disappear
sprained your ankle
found out you might not be able to have kids
broke your toe
had an ear infection
been judged
been afraid to come out of your room
been afraid of the dark
been molested
blocked someone on facebook
stalked your crush on facebook
been hated by your crush
fallen on the ice
had to go to the basement during a tornado warning
been hit with hail
had itchy eyes after touching a dog
had something stolen from you
had the police come to your door
been questioned by the police
had a severe stomachache
had a police officer be rude to you
stood up to someone
stood up for someone
been bullied after you stood up for someone else who was being bullied
been punished for doing right
been punished when you didn't do anything wrong
been treated unjustly by your parents
been forced to take medication that harmed you
been denied medication that you needed
had parents that did not respect you at all
had a staff member at a church be rude to you
been denied a bathroom break at school when you really had to go
had social anxiety
had a nightmare
lived in a nightmare
beat yourself up for making a stupid decision
made a stupid decision
had past regrets
kept making the same mistake over and over again
felt lonely
questioned God's existence
believed in God
heard God's voice
felt God's presence
been filled with God's Spirit
quenched the Spirit
been tempted to give up
cried at a funeral
cried in class
been bullied at work
been harassed at work
been harassed by your parents
dreaded getting up in the morning
had someone force their views on you
been beaten
had a direct curse cast on you
felt angry after someone told you they were jealous of you
felt overlooked
not been able to find your keys
lost your library card
broke a teapot on the stove
dropped a glass dish and broke it
spilled a bowl of cereal on yourself
been whistled at
had an old man flirt with you
burned yourself with a curling iron
fallen off your bed
had a strange man knock at your door
been chased by someone
had a car accident
had surgery
stayed overnight in the hospital
felt alone
missed an excellent opportunity
worked while you were sick
hated school
been treated like a slave
been trapped
stepped on a sparkler
been abused by a sibling
had a friend turn on you
left a church
been put in the wrong section in choir
been forced to sing a part that was out of your range
had abusive parents
longed for love
wished your parents would love you
worried about becoming homeless
been close to being homeless
had close to zero dollars (as an adult)
had no close friends or family
not been able to trust anyone
felt lonely for years
been betrayed by someone you trusted completely