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Author: joybucket
Created: September 6, 2016
Taken: 66 times
Rated: PG

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Created by joybucket and taken 66 times on Bzoink
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Put an X by your confessions.
You love God.
You write your innermost secrets in a diary.
You are an atheist.
You are spiritual.
You wish you could tell someone that they really do look their age.
You've lied to someone to make them feel good.
You've had bad cramps when you were talking with a friend but not told her.
You've had bad cramps when you were with a friend and you told her.
You've thrown up in a public restroom.
You've thrown up in public.
You've wet your pants in public.
You pray every day.
You worship God.
You sing in the shower.
You've avoided someone you really liked.
Someone hurt your feelings recently.
Someone broke your heart.
Someone betrayed your trust.
You can't trust anyone.
You're not a virgin.
You're not heterosexual.
You have a learning disability.
You have a psychological disorder.
You have a chronic pain disease.
You've tried to kill yourself.
You've thought about killing yourself.
You've thought about running away.
You've ran away.
You have a friend crush on someone.
You stalk your crush on facebook.
You've blocked someone on facebook.
You are lonely.
You hurt inside.
Your heart longs for something.
You heart longs for someone.
You miss someone.
You miss something.
You thought you were superior to others when you were younger.
...but now you believe that everyone is created equal.
You don't think you were really sane when you were 12.
Certain foods give you headaches.
You've thrown up from eating too much.
You've thrown up or almost thrown up from food poisoning.
You tan easily.
You've never had a celebrity crush.
You've never been kissed.
You've never been on a date.
You wish you had a mom.
Your heart aches for a mother.
Your heart aches for a child.
Your heart aches for a lover/a boyfriend or girlfriend.
You want to be connected to a church body, but you're not.
You've been rejected by a church body.
You feel alone.
You hate the fact that our society dishonors youth.
You believe that young people should be loved.
You believe that all lives matter.
You've comfort ate.
You've indulged in ice cream when feeling down.
You've had a crush on a teacher.
You've been in love with more than one person at the same time.
You've had a crush on a friend.
You've had a crush on more than one person at the same time.
You've had a crush on the same person as your best friend.
You've cheated on someone.
You've been cheated on.
You've forgiven someone for hurting you.
You are holding a grudge against someone.
You remember being 8 years old when you had your first crush.
The Holy Spirit is your best friend.
The Holy Spirit is your most prized possession.
You listen to and obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
You hear from God.
God speaks to you directly.
God speaks to you directly on a regular basis.
You've never heard from God.
You want to hear from God.
You don't want to hear from God.
You don't believe in God.
You aren't sure if God is real or not.
You know God exists.
You can prove God exists.
You believe in miracles, signs, and wonders.
You can perform miracles, signs, and wonders.
You practice witchcraft.
You are a Christian.
You are into New Age practices.
You are spiritual.
You pray in tongues.
You believe that people who pray in tongues are faking it.
You believe in love at first sight.
You believe in auras.
You believe in angels.
You believe in demons.
You believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
You've been baptized.
You believe in supernatural wonders.
You've experienced something supernatural.
You've performed a miracle.
You've cheated on a test.
You've skipped school to go do something fun.
You've skipped work to do something fun.
You've called in sick because of cramps.
You've left school early because of cramps.
You've thrown up at school.
You've been in unbearable pain, so much so that you were screaming.
You've been in pain so bad that you passed out.
You've been in pain so bad that you were praying you would die.
You've been in near unbearable pain, where it was so bad that if it had...
..been any worse, you would have been screaming.
You've been rushed to the ER.
You've had to administer an epi pen.
You've had to give yourself a shot.
You've had to give someone else a shot.
You've passed out.
You've had a nightmare.
You've felt that your life was a living nightmare.
You've thought your house was haunted.
You've wondered if your house was haunted.
You're superstitious.
You've had an abortion.
You've been pregnant.
You've had a pregnancy scare.
You believe that abortion is wrong.
You are worried that you won't find "the one."
You want to get married and have children.
English was one of your best subjects in school.
Art was one of your best subjects in school.
You like to sing.
You're a good singer.
You get stage fright.
You get motion sickness.
You've been abused.
You've been raped.
You've been harassed.
You've been bullied.
You've been disowned.
You've been kicked out of your house.
You've been punished for doing something right.
Your parents don't love you.
Your parents persecuted you.
Your best friend betrayed you.
Your heart hurts.
You long for community.
You don't feel you are accepted anywhere.
You're insecure.
You have low self-esteem.
You're depressed.
You're suicidal.
You're anxious.
You have trust issues.
You enjoyed this survey.