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Author: joybucket
Created: August 19, 2016
Taken: 64 times
Rated: PG

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True or False--Layers of You

Created by joybucket and taken 64 times on Bzoink
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The Rebel You
You have a tattoo.
You've thought about getting a tattoo.
You've dyed your hair a wild color.
You've dressed to make a statement.
You express yourself through your art.
You do things to shock people.
You've posted a picture of yourself drinking alcohol on facebook.
You don't care what anyone else thinks of you.
You live by your own set of rules.
You break rules regularly.
You live a free-spirited life.
You have your own unique style.
You've been called bad-ass.
You do what you want to do instead of what other people expect of you.
You aren't afraid of disappointing people.
You've dressed goth before, to make a statement.
You aren't opposed to wild-colored hair.
You aren't afraid to take fashion risks.
The Sensitive You
You want to be loved.
You've contemplated suicide.
You've been bullied.
You've felt lonely.
You've felt unloved.
You spy on your crush.
You've been in love.
You've been heartbroken.
You care what people think of you.
You want certain people to like you.
You wish a certain person would notice you.
You've cried yourself to sleep.
You've thought before that your life really was not worth living.
You've questioned whether life was worth living or not.
You want to be known by someone.
You love someone.
You love someone who doesn't know it.
You are avoiding someone you love.
You've put up walls to avoid getting hurt.
You're afraid to be yourself around others.
You're afraid to take risks.
You don't take risks because of the bad things that could happen if you did
You're avoiding someone who hurt you.
The Pretend You
You've pretended to be happy when you weren't.
You've acted friendly toward someone when inside you were mad at them.
You've acted friendly toward someone you inwardly had no respect for.
You've said what you thought people expected you to say, to win approval.
You've pretended to be someone you're not.
You've pretended to like something in order to impress someone else.
You've dressed a certain way to impress someone else.
You've tried to earn your way into a clique.
You let a friend do you hair, and you didn't like what she did to you.
You've kept thoughts and opinions do yourself because you were afraid of..
..losing others' acceptance.
You've kept your feelings to yourself because you didn't want to hurt...
You've held in your anger and later wished you hadn't.
You're friends with someone who doesn't really know the real you.
You don't let others see the real you out of fear of what could happen.
You have people who don't accept the real you.
You are keeping a secret from the world.
You are not who people think you are.
You are not who you portray yourself as.
You are not who you think of yourself as.
You are not who you pretend to be.
You are unique.
You are one-of-a-kind.
You believe you are special.
You have a secret.
You are keeping a secret from your best friend.
You've been through something traumatic and been affected by it.
You pretend that you're ok when you're not.
You're mad at people, but you pretend to like them.
You have a huge secret.
The Real You
You love Jesus.
You love God.
You are passionate and extraordinary.
You have exceptional potential.
You know you are gifted.
You know you are special; unique; set apart.
You know you were made with a purpose.
You know you are loved.
Your dreams, wishes, and plans are all your own.
You think your own thoughts.
You often disagree with people.
You think for yourself.
Many things make you angry.
You are spiritual.
You are passionate about something. (what is it?)
You love to laugh.
You love to make friends.
You think people are amazing and want to get to know them more.
You enjoy getting to know people.
You are highly creative, gifted, and talented.
Many people compliment you.
..and probably many people are jealous of you.
You think you are mature for your age.
You feel like you're ahead of everyone else, or at least most people your..
You hate stupidity and often find yourself wondering why people are so dumb
Injustice makes you angry.
Nobody knows the real you.
Everybody Else's Version of You
You've been hated.
You've been loved.
Someone has seen you as competition.
Someone has had a crush on you (that you know about).
Someone has been jealous of you.
You've been seen as shy.
You've been seen as stupid.
You've been treated like you were worthless.
You've been seen as mean.
You've been seen as a brat.
You've been seen as a gift.
You've been seen as a blessing.
You've been seen as special, unique, gifted, and loved.
You've been seen as precious.
You've been seen as filthy.
Who You Want to Be
You want to be...
a dream achiever
popular (be honest)
highly esteemed