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Author: -xoxo
Created: August 9, 2016
Taken: 71 times
Rated: PG

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Created by -xoxo and taken 71 times on Bzoink
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Your name is Jordan
You were born in April
You're 19
Gaming is a huge part of your life
You have more than one gaming tattoo
You have a tattoo of your animal's paw print
You drive a Lincoln
Sports cars > supercars
You love 90's cars
You're planning on getting a Subaru Impreza next
You do cosplay
You have 11 piercings
You have endometriosis
You graduated in 2015
You were named after Michael Jordan
You want to get into the Youtube world soon
You have almost 10k followers on Instagram
You went to cosmetology/beauty school
You did not pursue cosmetology as a career
You're into graphic design
You own a screenprinting business
You sell products on Etsy
You've been in a relationship for over a year
You've been mentally abused by a past relationship
You own a gaming laptop because you like mobility
Your all time favorite game is Sly Cooper
You have 50+ gaming consoles
You have 500+ video games
You joined the Harley Quinn bandwagon this year
You like to collect pink things
You don't travel a lot
You live in Michigan
You're trying to gain weight
You were bullied for most of your school years for having acne
You have a pet that means a lot to you
You've been in long distance relationships
You've had your belly button pierced since you were 14
Your favorite drink is chocolate milk
Your eyes are grey
Your favorite movie is Pulp Fiction
You own every Tarantino film on VHS, DVD, and Blu-Ray
You've become more confident with your body lately
You used to hate Victoria's Secret but now you love it
You love to play board games
You like to host game nights with prizes
You wear extensions
You have a promise ring
You have trouble growing/strengthening your hair
You try to be organized but fail most of the time
You used to work two jobs and 7 days a week
You shop at thrift stores
You rarely ever buy clothes at full price
You've seen 15+ bands live
Your favorite was Foo Fighters
You enjoy all music
You're trying to change your style of clothes / hair
You love to sing even though you're not good at it
You get emotional easily
You're the oldest child
You didn't go to college
Your boss is your role model
You usually sleep 9 hours a day
You take a lot of naps
You have social anxiety
You have trouble speaking
You love winter
You're very generous
You don't really get the generosity from others back to you
You don't like water
Your favorite pizza is Buffalo Chicken
You weighed 95-100 lbs until you were 18
You recently gained about 20 lbs
You're 5'1
You did cosplay of a Pokemon
You like glitter
You like space buns
You complain a lot
You hit puberty in 3rd grade
You've always had iPhones
Your computer or laptop cost over $1,000
Your town has a population of around 3,000
You like horror games but are deathly afraid of them
You have a natural tan
You don't have any freckles but wish you did
You go to garage sales often
You've gotten an I.V before
You've lost part of your eyesight temporarily due to a migraine
You've had extremely bad panic attacks in the past
You get 'triggered' very easily
You have grey eyes
You hate doing laundry
You don't mind other house chores
Your S/O is over a foot taller than you.
You write poetry, mostly about the stars / space
You used to write short stories
You own every single Sims game
You've bought all the Sims 4 add ons even though you hate it lol
You used to write stories with the Sims 2
You were dedicated to a forum around the age of 9
It was a 4kids forum haha!
You used to make short films
You hate texting
You learned HTML when you were 10
You wanted to go to school for Computer Science for a long time
You used to play Call Of Duty competitively
You have a lot of online friends
You've never been on a plane
You've never been zip lining but might soon
You enjoy camping
You own a quad / 4 wheeler
You've always dated boys older than you
Your boyfriend is 6 years older than you
You love to drive long distances
You enjoy going to car shows
You're voting for Gary Johnson
You have self-harmed before
You take short showers
You love wearing dresses
You wear cat ears a lot
You like taking photo-shoots of yourself
You have A.D.D
You take Vitamin D supplements for depression
You've kissed more boys than you can count on your hands
You've never been drunk
You play Pokemon GO
You never eat popcorn at movie theaters
You still use 720p screens
Your first console was a PS1
You really want the Playstation VR
You've funded a game before
You're unsure if you will be able to have kids or not
You've had mono before
you enjoy being creative
You used to make perler sprites
You've paid for art of yourself before
You've accidentally cooked something in the microwave that didn't belong
...in there.
You've made friends from a video game
You used to use Piczo (when it was cool)
You don't like modern/futurustic FPS
You don't like RPG's
You've NEVER seen the Notebook
You own a Ouija board
You took online classes in school
You failed gym class
Your favorite Pokemon is Cubone
You're an Aries
You're pro-choice
You got a dry socket after getting your wisdom teeth removed
It was the worst pain you've ever been in
You've written down every dream you could remember for the past 2 years
You're an introvert
You don't really like to be touched
Your voice is high pitched
You hate shaving
You bite your nails
You have tiny ears
Your natural hair is a few inches past shoulder length
You have huge scars on your knees
You have a deep scar by your eye
You like to read
You've read Rage by Stephen King
you like cleaning
Your favorite arcade game is Mappy
You own every color Gameboy Color
You've felt unloved before
You've been bit by a tick before
You don't understand the obsession with Funko Pops
You're into kitten play
You believe you're talented
You still live at home
You clean your car... a lot
You like to take pictures of everything
You like the name Amethyst and Jade for a girl's name
You like the name Nathan and Jayden for a boy's name
You've had pink hair
You've had lavender hair
You've had red hair
You've had blonde hair
You've had a pixie cut
Your hair is naturally curly
You never leave the house without makeup on
You love the rain but hate thunderstorms
You're afraid of being alone
You're good at math
You always do the cat eye eyeliner
You don't know how to contour
You've watched every single episode of Friends
You've watched every single episode of That 70s Show
You own a pair of the Nintendo vans
You're spoiled
You own around 50 Pulp Fiction related merch
You've seen the movie countless times
You have A.D.D
You've gone to a teacher for personal help and they didn't help
You've never had to call 911 before
You eat Honey Nut Cheerios nearly every morning
You love breakfast foods
Your parents aren't divorced although they should be
You've started a GoFundMe for an LDR before
You saw Back To The Future in theaters
You used to smoke weed but don't anymore
You've never smoked a cigarette
You would never work in fast food
You don't really like concerts but you still go
You love going to the dentist
You've had a guinea pig before
You've had a turtle before
He was named after one of the Ninja Turtles
You've had a German Shepherd before
You've never watched a Kardashian show
You never swear
You like to go on walks
You prefer Pepsi over Coke
You're really picky about food
You own a machete
You own a Halo helmet and energy sword
You don't like Bethesda as a company
The first game you ever beat was GTA III
Your favorite mini games are the ones on Pokemon Stadium 2
You only own one perfume
You buy clothes for dirt cheap and sell them to make profit
You enjoy making your bed because it's aesthetically pleasing
You've done Harley Quinn cosplay
You want to do Daenerys cosplay
You made love coupons for your boyfriend on Valentine's Day
you like to be creative with cookies/cakes/desserts
You own a pink gaming headset (Trittons)
You own Astros A40s
You've never had a Scuf controller
Your voice is very quiet
You've had the same Pikachu plushie since you were 4
One of your favorite bands is ADTR
One of your favorite bands is Volbeat
One of your favorite bands is Taking Back Sunday
You've seen all of your favorite bands live
You don't have a favorite song
You get jealous of people that are more successful than u that are younger
You sing in the shower
Music puts you to sleep fast
You're too optimistic
You've sexted someone you weren't in a relationship with before
You've gotten a girl expelled from school before
You've never been in a physical fight
You laugh a lot
You suck at making eye contact
You've been threatened for your life before
You play video games with your sibling
All your grandparents are still alive
You've met your great-great-grandfather before
You naturally have brown hair
You wear glasses
You've lost your glasses before
You have bad memory
You used to have almost 5,000 friends on Facebook.
Now you only have around 300
Your favorite restaurant is Red Lobster
You have a Lenovo computer
You only buy Samsung TV's
There were less than 70 kids in your graduating class
You check on your ex's social medias every so often
You've seen someone with a gun to their head before
You have Cards Against Humanity and ALL of its expansions
You have Exploding Kittens
You see Canada almost every day but you've never been there
You've kissed a girl before
You've been cheated on while living with that person
You've been best friends with someone since elementary school
You prefer hot foods over cold
You have an innie belly button
You prefer fruits over vegetables
You have a lot of collectibles
Your phone is pink
Your favorite game show is Family Feud
You're right handed
You have a birth mark on your butt
Your favorite month is February
You don't like Harry Potter
You like Pearl Jam
You like to dance even though you're bad at it
You're not athletic
You're not very good with saving money
You have a dual screen monitor set up
You have 5+ consoles hooked up currently
You have string lights around your bed
You don't have any posters up
You own a Japanese video game
You want to buy a game that's currently valued at $300+
You've never gone hunting
You've never gone fishing
You've been to a drive in theater
You've been to Florida
You've driven in a car for over 24 hours straight
You're not really close with any of your cousins
You're not a huge fan of chocolate
You've owned a pair of Uggs
You only use white clothing hangers
You try to keep the boxes for everything
You got your first job at 18
You've always had creative ways to make some extra cash
You have a tattoo that your parents don't know about
You got a tattoo as soon as you turned 18
You don't like kids
You always panic over the worst case scenario
You don't like wearing jeans
You don't like wearing pants in general
You haven't showered yet today
You've never gotten stitches
You hate whipped cream
You have Irish heritage
You're not religious
You gave your first BJ at 14
Your longest relationship was 2 years
You've never been asked on a date by a stranger
Your favorite music video is No One Knows by QOTSA
You have a very short temper
Your Youtube inspiration is SSSniperwolf
You've always wanted to start a cookie decorating business
You've always wanted to own a business in your own store instead of online
You've lived in the same town your entire life
You're going Pokemon hunting tonight
You like exploring
You've never had a full time job
You never want an office job
You've never been to Warped tour and never want to go
You own 5+ copies of one of your favorite games
You put a lot of effort into your Instagram page
Thanks for taking my survey! How alike are we? Sorry if there are any
repeated questions, I had to redo this survey 3 times because I kept
hitting the backspace button. -.-