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Author: voicedance16
Created: July 29, 2016
Taken: 192 times
Rated: G

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in the past week have you...?

Created by voicedance16 and taken 192 times on Bzoink
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you can either just say yes or no, or explain
ridden in a car?
talked on the phone with a friend?
pet your dog?
pet your cat?
been to work?
ridden the bus?
been to starbucks?
eaten pizza?
bought new clothes?
played a musical instrument?
played a sport?
received a letter in the mail?
sent someone a letter?
watched a sunset?
watched a sunrise?
drew in a sketchbook?
gone to a u-pick berry place?
listened to your favorite music?
read a book?
been to the library?
ate ice cream?
slept late?
stayed up late?
watched a movie?
posted on facebook?
posted on instagram?
watched videos on youtube?
written in a journal?
been in a church?
done something you were proud of?
missed someone?
checked out a library book?
seen a friend you hadn't seen in a long time?
hugged someone?
worn your hair in a French braid?
worn converse?
eaten a meal in a restaurant?
taken more than 50 photos?
eaten a bagel?
spoken a different language?
missed the past?
worn earrings?
turned on the fan?
been to the mall?
gotten free food?
been really tired?
been really bored?
seen a relative? (outside of the ones you live with)
talked to someone via facetime/skype?
been on pinterest?
been late somewhere?
uploaded a youtube video?
seen a live theater production?
had a bug come in your house?
worn something with an elephant on it?
had a doctor appointment?
had a dentist appointment?
talked to your neighbors?
been to a party?
got caught out in the rain?
been out of your hometown?
been out of your home state?
been out of your home country?
taken a survey?
created a survey?
eaten a cookie?
washed your hair?
signed your name?
done laundry?
performed in front of an audience?
changed a lightbulb?
used the microwave?
cooked a meal?
gone swimming?
seen a rainbow?
had a picnic?
wished you could go back in time?
wished you could go forward in time?
eaten pancakes?
stayed up past midnight?
gotten a new phone?
played a sport?
eaten Chinese food?
stepped outside of your comfort zone?
done chores?
played a game on your phone?
taken a selfie?
ridden a bike?
sent an e-mail?
lost something?
found something you lost?
played a game on the computer?
done an assignment for school?
listened to a song you hadn't heard in a long time?
taken a quiz on buzzfeed?
baked something?
brushed your hair?
given money to charity/someone less fortunate?
worn converse?
been on an airplane?
been on a boat?
spoken a different language?
ordered something online?
read a magazine?
posted in an online forum?
colored in a coloring book?
picked flowers?
eaten fresh fruit?
taken your dog for a walk?
gotten in an argument with someone?
listened to Hamilton
drank an iced mocha?
been inspired?