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Author: caitlinen
Created: July 24, 2016
Taken: 9 times
Rated: PG

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Have you ever heard any of these (mostly) emo/pop punk songs?

Created by caitlinen and taken 9 times on Bzoink
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Just mark whether or not you've heard any of these songs! :)
wasteland - 10 years
attack - 30 seconds to mars
the kill - 30 seconds to mars
ass n titties - 3-6-mafia
a sip of wine chased with cyanide - a static lullaby
a song for a broken heart - a static lullaby
i miss you - acceptance
so contagious - acceptance
take cover - acceptance
this year's fashion - action action
chelsea baby - against all authority
looking for the perfect beat - afrika bambaataa
i set my friends on fire - aiden
knife blood nightmare - aiden
see you in hell - aiden
.44 caliber love letter - alexisonfire
adelleda - alexisonfire
accidents - alexisonfire
boiled frogs - alexisonfire
the air that i breathe - all that remains
breakout - all time low
here we stand - amber pacific
colors - amos lee
day late friend - anberlin
paperthin hymn - anberlin
time & confusion - anberlin
runaways - anberlin
the adventure - angels & airwaves
it hurts - angels & airwaves
just breathe - anna nalick
i don't want to be like you - anti-flag
welcome to 1984 - anti-flag
my oh my - aqua
let's get married - archie star
the truth about heaven - armor for sleep
lip gloss & black - atreyu
bat country - avenged sevenfold
beast & the harlot - avenged sevenfold
seize the day - avenged sevenfold
trashed & scattered - avenged sevenfold
unholy confessions - avenged sevenfold
i won't see you tonight - avenged sevenfold
complicated - avril lavigne
keep holding on - avril lavigne
my happy ending - avril lavigne
when you're gone - avril lavigne
pop lock & drop it - baby huey
the way i live - baby boy da prince
just another day - bayside
just enough to love you - bayside
fallen leaves - billy talent
try honesty - billy talent
red flag - billy talent
this is how it goes - billy talent
on wings of lead - bleeding through
black dying rose - blessthefall
wait for tomorrow - blessthefall
i miss you - blink 182
fukadog - blink 182
the party song - blink 182
what's my age again? - blink 182
hate me - blue october
total eclipse of the heart - bonnie tyler
whiskey lullaby - brad paisley
am i wrong - brand new
okay i believe you but my tommy gun don't - brand new
logan to government center - brand new
last chance to lose your keys - brand new
play crack the sky - brand new
good to know that if i ever.... - brand new
sowing season - brand new
guernica - brand new
sic transit gloria glory fades - brand new
mixtape - brand new
soco amaretto lime - brand new
the boy who blocked his own shot - brand new
magazines - brand new
breath - breaking benjamin
diary of jane - breaking benjamin
back at one - brian mcknight
at the bottom of everything -bright eyes
gold mine gutted - bright eyes
lover i don't have to love - bright eyes
it's cool, we'll still be friends - bright eyes
they have no reflections - bring me the horizon
dragon slaying - bring me the horizon
rawwrr! - bring me the horizon
shed light - bring me the horizon
ms. new booty - bubba sparxxx
crazy bitch - buckcherry
all these things i hate - bullet for my valentine
tears don't fall - bullet for my valentine
glycerine - bush
war pigs - cake
runaway - cartel
everytime we touch - cascada
riding dirty - chamillionaire
fuck emo - cheap sex
baby you wouldn't last a minute on the creek - chiodos
beautiful blue eyes - chiodos
expired in goreville - chiodos
lindsay quit lollygagging - chiodos
sara's mask - cky
welcome home - coheed & cambria
a favor house atlantic - coheed & cambria
gangster's paradise - coolio
cold - crossfade
colors - crossfade
color me cliche - cute is what we aim for
curse of curves - cute is what we aim for
lyrical lies - cute is what we aim for
teasing to please - cute is what we aim for
theres a class for this - cute is what we aim for
technologic - daft punk
cannonball - damien rice
bad day - daniel powter
pollen & salt - daphne loves derby
stolen - dashboard confessional
changing for the rain - dear whoever
empty hallways - dear whoever
security without doubts - dear whoever
we cry mercy - dear whoever
a movie script ending - death cab for cutie
title and registration - death cab for cutie
lean wit it rock wit it - dem franchise boyz
what the world needs now - dionne warwick
on the floor - dj caffeine
insomnia - dj tiesto
traffic - dj tiesto
walk it out - dj unk
fuckin' wit D - dmx
piano lessons can be murder - dr. acula
knife vs face round 2 - drop dead gorgeous
the show must go on - drop dead gorgeous
dressed for friend requests - drop dead gorgeous
bullets are scene - drop dead gorgeous
daniel where's the boat - drop dead gorgeous
fashion your seatbelts - drop dead gorgeous
boyz in the hood - dynamite hack
make tonight - emanuel
the willing - emanuel
the new violence - emanuel
so cold i could see my breath - emery
hailie's song - eminem
like toy soldiers - eminem
mosh - eminem
my dad's gone crazy - eminem
superman - eminem
october - evanescence
last song i'm wasting on you - evanescence
inside out - eve 6
diamonds on my damn chain - fabolous
anything from fall out boys' from under the cork tree album
luv addict - family force 5
my evil plan to save the world - five iron frenzy
one girl army - five iron frenzy
anything flogging molly
anything flogging molly other than drunken lullabies
i'm so sick - flyleaf
where'd you go - fort minor
LOVE - frank sinatara
new york, new york - frank sinatra
it had to be you - frank sinatra
here comes a special boy - freezepop
plastic stars - freezepop
emily - from first to last
note to self - from first to last
secrets don't make friends - from first to last
hemorrhage - fuel
shimmer - fuel
skip to the end - the futureheads
99 red balloons - goldfinger
iris - goo goo dolls
let love in - goo goo dolls
y'all with the vampire squad? - greeley estates
blue morning - greeley estates
i shot the maid - greeley estates
head underwater - greeley estates
boats & birds - gregory & the hawk