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Author: caitlinen
Created: July 24, 2016
Taken: 86 times
Rated: G

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Are our lives anything alike?

Created by caitlinen and taken 86 times on Bzoink
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This is a yes or no or whatev ur opinion is to see if we're alike!
Your name starts with C
Your middle name starts with C
Your last name starts with C
Two or more of your names start with the same initial
You were born in the 1990s
You were born before 1995
You were born before 1993
You were raised by a single parent
You grew up in a small town
But were surrounded by and close to big cities
You went to a good/nice elementary school
Your teachers were female until 6th grade when class changing began
Your first crush was mr. popular k-12
You went to PM Kindergarten
You have been to Las Vegas
You have been to Los Angeles
You have been to Pittsburgh
You have been to Columbus
You have been to Morgantown, WV
You have not been to Texas
You have not been to Maine
You have not been to Hawaii
You have not been to Wisconsin
You love dogs
You love cats
You hate bugs
You love Christmas
You love Halloween
You don't love Easter
You aren't religious
You love The Walking Dead
You love Dexter
You love Bob's Burgers
You love Always Sunny
You love Parks & Recreation
You like red wine
You like to read
You are good at your job
You have an extremely diverse taste in music
You never met either of your grandfathers
You are close with your mother
You are close with two or more cousins
You don't have any children
You have met Jay Mewes
You have seen your favorite band live
You have seen a famous comedian live
You love bloody marys
You love to cook
You have bartended at least once
You have been in a relationship for more than 5 years
You are not married
You love garlic
You love potatoes
You love cheese
You love pasta
You love salad
You love vegetables
You can't draw well
You can't sing
You can play an instrument
You like to write
You love Adam Sandler
You love Jim Carrey
You have lost someone close to you