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Author: joybucket
Created: May 10, 2016
Taken: 64 times
Rated: G

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True or false with five categories

Created by joybucket and taken 64 times on Bzoink
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Section 1: Personal
You are keeping a secret from someone right now.
You have a crush.
You stalk your crush on facebook.
You are afraid of disappointing people.
You care what people think of you.
You are unhappy with your appearance.
You would change something about your body if you could.
You are shy when first getting to know someone.
You can be socially awkward.
You have a deep, dark secret that you are afraid of anyone finding out.
You have a secret that isn't that bad; you're just afraid people will be..
..disappointed in you.
You pull away from others you really want to get to know.
There's someone who isn't nice to you that you want to be friends with.
You have haters.
You are in love.
You haven't had your first kiss yet.
You want your first kiss to be magical.
You've had a crush on someone of the same gender as you.
You first kiss was magical.
You first kiss was awkward.
You first kiss wasn't that exciting.
You are beautiful inside.
...but no one knows, because you don't let them see
You've put walls up to protect yourself from getting hurt.
There is someone you want to get to know right now.
There is someone you currently never talk to that you really want to be...
..friends with.
You've suffered from low self-esteem.
You have abusive parents.
You've had an abusive boyfriend.
You've had a toxic friend.
You've been bullied.
You feel self-conscious a lot.
You are insecure.
You are lonely.
You've made a big mistake.
You hope someone will love you in spite of what you've done.
You've never struggled with lust.
You've never been sexually attracted to anyone.
You hate yourself.
You like yourself.
You are comfortable with yourself.
You have a lot more to learn.
Section 2: Adventure
You've done something adventurous in the past week.
You've stepped outside of your comfort zone lately.
You've taken a huge risk recently.
You think outside of the box.
You've travelled in the past month.
You need a vacation.
You see your every day life as an adventure.
You want to be more adventurous.
You are a risk taker.
Someone has described you as a risk-taker.
You want to be more of a risk-taker.
You enjoy trying ethnic foods.
You love the feeling of falling (i.e., drops on roller coasters)
You are un-afraid to be who you are.
Section 3- Fashion
You are a trendsetter.
You wear the latest fashions.
You have too many clothes.
You wear long skirts.
You wear sweaters.
You wear jeans.
You own something Bohemian-style.
You shop at thrift stores.
You shop at the mall.
You wear bright colors.
You only wear dark colors.
You wear make-up.
You own a vest.
You wear belts.
Section 4- Emotions
You've cried yourself to sleep.
You've thrown something across the room out of anger.
You've laughed so hard you've cried.
You've gone through an emo/goth phase.
You've self-harmed.
You've felt jealous of someone who hurt you.
You've felt embarrassed in public.
You've felt hurt and avoided someone.
You cry when you think about certain parts of your past.
You have found your passion.
You have a sense of wonder.
You maintain your sense of wonder.
You are thankful.
You are optimistic.
Section 5- Entertainment
You listen to music.
You listen to the radio.
You own a video game console and play regularly.
You read books for pleasure.
You read magazines for pleasure.
You take selfies.
You have a facebook account.
You watch YouTube videos.
You use Pinterest.
You enjoy comedy.
You watch movies.
You watch television.
You go to plays and musicals.
You read comic books.

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