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Author: joybucket
Created: May 5, 2016
Taken: 64 times
Rated: G

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Bohemian True or False

Created by joybucket and taken 64 times on Bzoink
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True or False
You own a dreamcatcher.
You have tie-dyed something
You own something tie-dye.
You are a musician.
You have a singer.
You are a dancer.
You are an artist.
You are a writer.
You love nature.
You are an outdoors person.
You have long, wavy hair.
You live a free-spirited life.
You believe in truth, freedom, and love.
You like bright colors.
You like crafts.
You own a long skirt.
You have been called a free spirit.
You consider yourself a free spirit.
You think for yourself.
You are unique.
You are creative.
You like to go barefoot.
You are intuitive.
You enjoy camping.
You enjoy hiking.
Your room is very colorful.
You like fairies.
You are artistic.
You want to travel.
You've written a story.
You've written a song.
You've written a poem.
You like taking pictures.
Your opinions often differ from the mainstream views of society.
You eat healthy.
You care about the environment.
You exercise regularly.
You like renessaince faires.
You own a dreamcatcher necklace.
You own a peace sign necklace.
You own something with fringe.
You've worn fringe boots.
You own something with lace.
You long for adventure.
You're optimistic.
You own a lava lamp.
You like music.
You like art.
You are accepting of everyone.
You think people should be able to co-exist.
You meditate.
You've worn a flower in your hair.
You like Bohemian style clothing.
You've worn Bohemian style clothing
You've worn gladiator sandals.
You've gotten a henna tattoo.
You are spiritual.
You enjoy singing songs around campfires.
You've slept under the stars.
You've slept in a tent.
You have/had dreadlocks.
You've worn multiple necklaces at once.
You've worn a shimmy belt.
You've taken belly dancing classes.
You've dressed up as a gypsy.
You like the smell of candles.
You burn incense.
You are female.
You own an article of clothing with an elephant on it.
You were flip-flops.
You've played a tambourine.
Being out in nature gives you a sense of peace.
You feel a sense of calm when you look up at the moon and stars.
Sunsets and fireflies amaze you.