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Author: joybucket
Created: April 13, 2016
Taken: 88 times
Rated: PG

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The Stupid Test! (have you ever)

Created by joybucket and taken 88 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever...
fallen down the stairs
fallen up the stairs
tripped over your own feet
slipped and fell on the ice
fallen over backwards in a chair
fallen out of bed
slipped and fell in the mud
pulled a door that said "Push"
pushed a door that said "Pull"
had gum fall out of your mouth when you were talking
ordered a burger at Taco Bell
walked around with toilet paper stuck to your shoe
drooled in your sleep
searched for your glasses when they were on your head the whole time
searched for something you couldn't find and then realized it was in...
..your pocket
sat on a whoopee cushion
fell for a scam
got hacked on facebook
worn something that you later realized was see-through
been pants-ed
used a bucket as a helmet
accidentally left the house with forgetting to put on your pants
wore a skirt that flew up because it was too windy
had someone trick you into thinking you won the lottery
been fooled by a prank
ran through a screen door
walked straight into a pole
ran into a glass door or wall
wore underwear on your head
accidentally wore a pajama shirt thinking it was a regular shirt
accidentally revealed your crush to the entire school
fell asleep in class and started snoring
counted change wrong
accidentally flashed someone
dropped your phone in the toilet
dialed a wrong number
taped your password to your computer so you could remember it
taken a picture of your credit card and posted it on the internet
sent a text to the wrong person by accident
had the dentist find a hair in your mouth and ask, "Do you have a cat?"
flunked a test
failed a class
left your facebook page open and got hacked by a friend
thrown a sock at someone
gotten hit in the head with a shoe
been smacked in the face with a ball
stepped in dog poop
passed a note to a friend in class revealing the name of your crush
...had a teacher notice and read the note out loud
accidentally announced the name of your crush over the loudspeaker
done something stupid while high
done something stupid while drunk
talked in your sleep
told a teacher the dog ate your homework