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Author: joybucket
Created: April 12, 2016
Taken: 62 times
Rated: PG

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Was/is your high school experience like mine? (true or false)

Created by joybucket and taken 62 times on Bzoink
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You go/went to a public school.
You are/were in Color Guard.
You were/are shy.
You went to prom.
You went to Homecoming.
You've been to a dance with a date.
You've been to a dance with a group of friends instead of a date.
You enjoy getting dressed up for dances.
You've had your hair curled for a dance.
You've straightened your hair for a dance.
You dress up for Homecoming Week.
You take Latin.
You hate math.
You find psychology interesting.
You love art class.
In case you haven't noticed, I just switched over to making statements like
you are in high school. If you are in high school, then this will be easy
for you. If you've graduated high school, then answer these questions as if
you were still in high school. Enjoy! :)
You went to band camp.
You take dance.
You hate gym class.
You love sleepovers.
You've had a sleepover with a group of girls over at your house.
You've been to a sleepover with a group of girls at a friend's house.
You've spent the night at a friend's house.
You've had a friend over to spend the night at your house.
You've cheated on a test.
You've failed a test.
You've aced a test.
The power went out during an assembly while the band was playing and....
...everyone took out their cellphones and waved them in the air like...
You've been bullied.
You've been to band camp.
You've had a friend put a sign on your locker.
You have a locker.
You've skipped a class because your homework wasn't finished.
You wear bright colors.
You own a pair of Converse.
You love shopping at the mall.
You are a fashion trendsetter.
Your school's bathroom has lots of graffiti in it.
You've ridden your bike to school.
Your mom has driven you to school.
You've walked home from school.
You've missed school because of your period.
You've gone home early because of your period.
You've had severe cramps while in class and had to ask to go to the office.
You have a class with a friend.
You eat lunch with your friends.
You bring your own lunch.
You don't like science labs.
You hate research papers.
You enjoy creative writing.
You love art and design.
You have a really fun art teacher.
Your art teacher is a hippie.
You have a really funny Latin teacher.
You are miserable.
Your dad is a jerk.
Your brother is mean to you.
You wish your mom loved you.
Your mom yells at you.
You have trouble getting up in the morning.
You hate waking up to your alarm.
You stay up late.
You have an ornery choir teacher.
You are in choir.
You are lonely.
You self-harm.
You read the Bible.
You attend youth group.
You feel lonely at youth group.
When you get bullied you never tell an adult, because you don't want to be
...a tattletale.
You don't go to church.
You feel overlooked.
You've been excluded from a group for no apparent reason.
You've been in a relationship just to try it out.
You've kissed someone just to try it out, but you didn't feel anything...
...you kissed.
You have a crush on someone of the same gender.
You aren't sexual, though.
You've fallen for a friend.
You still own Barbies.
You aren't very popular, or at least you don't think you're popular.
You have a Myspace.
You collect quotes.
You've had to carry a fake baby around for health class.
You've taken sex education in health class.
You run track.
You want to jump hurdles, but you're too afraid to attempt it.
You're very physically flexible.
You have a lot of clothes.
You don't drive.
You have low self-esteem.
You have acne.
You wear make-up every day.
You wear contact lenses.
You have or have had highlights in your hair.
You love the way your hair looks.
You have braces.
You have long, thick hair.
Your school colors are red and black.
You've fallen asleep in class.
You've been in class with someone who was pregnant.
You have a favorite substitute teacher.
You've judged someone else.
You've signed a yearbook.
There is at least one person in your school you dislike.
You've looked down on someone.
You've looked up to someone.
You have a favorite TV show.
You like to read.
You've been to summer camp.
You had a great experience at high school summer camp.
You laid on your back under the stars for the first time.
You've been to a lock-in.
You've stayed up all night.
You've put an unnatural color in your hair.
You've bleached part of your hair.
You, for the most part, hate school.
You've had a school counselor say something rude to you.
You enjoy going to football games.
You own a shirt with your school's name and logo on it.
You've performed on a dance team.
You have a diary or journal.
Your dad is very controlling.
You have a curfew.
You have a big bedroom.
You have a messy bedroom.
You get both good grades and bad grades.
You've been on the honor roll.