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Author: joybucket
Created: March 30, 2016
Taken: 58 times
Rated: PG

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Those things I don't wish everyone to know...(long are we alike survey)

Created by joybucket and taken 58 times on Bzoink
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You have allergies.
You have one brother.
You love the outdoors!
You love bright colors.
Your favorite school subjects are/were English and Art.
You are artistic.
You are creative.
You like to read.
You like Chinese food.
You have endometriosis.
You are spiritual.
Your favorite color is teal.
Your top three favorite colors are teal, pink, and purple.
You hate it when people are close-minded.
You love chai lattes.
You think for yourself.
You are a free spirit.
You've done things you wish you hadn't.
You have things that you regret not doing when you had the chance.
You never wear black or white, because they don't look good on you.
You're short.
You love strawberries.
You like cheese.
You love running.
You love dancing.
You like to sing.
You've gotten many compliments on your singing voice.
You've gotten many compliments on your handwriting.
You are double jointed.
You have hazel eyes.
You are allergic to some dogs but not others.
You are allergic to pollen, dust, and mold.
You love church.
You love smoothies.
You love the first drop on roller coasters.
Your parents are abusive.
You've been betrayed by someone you thought was a good friend.
You're a target for bullies.
You've contemplated suicide.
You've self-harmed.
You are a generally happy person.
You collect quotes.
You had an American Girl doll as a child.
You have imaginary friends as a child.
You daydream a lot.
You had or have ADHD.
You like to paint.
You like typing.
You enjoy creative writing.
You like trying new foods.
You'd like to travel more.
You wear nail polish.
You don't have any tattoos.
You've had bronchitis.
Your feet are wide in the front.
You have Raynaud's disease (that's where your fingers can turn white from..
the cold when it's only 50 degrees).
You've been to Disney World and enjoyed it.
You like peacocks.
You have a sweet tooth.
You've been called a free spirit.
You're asexual.
You don't really want to get married.
You don't really want to have kids.
You've been accused of being gay, but you're not.
You've questioned your sexuality.
You've had a sleepover.
You love sleepovers.
You like getting dressed up.
You like to try new things.
You're usually shy at first when getting to know someone.
You keep a diary/journal.
You can run fast.
You can lick the tip of your nose.
Your natural hair color is light golden brown.
You have/had braces.
You wear glasses or contacts.
Summer and fall are your favorite seasons.
You love Halloween.
You love the colors in the fall.
You love apple cider.
You enjoy celebrating Christmas.
You also enjoy celebrating the Fourth of July.
You use Pinterest.
You enjoy taking surveys.
You enjoy making surveys.
You're disorganized.
Sunsets fascinate you.
Stars and fireflies also fascinate you.
You've j-walked.
You enjoy camping.
You enjoy sitting around a campfire.
You can sing.
You have long wavy/ curly hair.
You've taken tap dance classes.
You like chicken.
You've been told you are gifted.
You've felt neglected.
You've felt lonely.
You've been abused.
You've had your heart broken.
You've been emotionally manipulated.
You've felt like you were all alone in a world full of people who were out.
..to destroy you.
You love Jesus.
You like to swim.
You like to decorate.
You like taking pictures.
You've been told you have a gift for photography.
You like cheesecake.
You like chocolate.
You have a dog.
You wish you were more organized.
You feel you have a lot to say, but no one will listen.
You can't trust anyone.
Someone has betrayed your trust.
You don't trust anyone in your family.
You've had someone try to ruin your reputation.
You've had someone do horrible things to you and/or say horrible things to.
you or about you because they were jealous of you.
You've worried about becoming homeless.
You've been fired from a job even though you didn't do anything wrong.
You've been bullied by teachers even though you didn't do anything wrong.
You've been bullied by a manager at a dining facility just because they...
didn't like you, even though you did nothing wrong and were a paying...
You've been bullied by random people on the Internet.
You've been bullied by people at church.
You've been bullied at school.
You've been bullied by a fitness instructor.
You've had someone make a comment you didn't like about your weight.
Your parents have lied about you to other people.
Your parents have lied to you.
You've had something stolen from you.
You've been sexually harassed.
You've been bullied and harassed at work.
You've been bullied for no apparent reason.
You've been laughed at in the face.
You've been assaulted.
You've been excluded from a group for no reason.
You've had a rumor started or spread about you.
You've been abused by your brother.
You've had a grandparent be rude to you.
You've had a school counselor be rude to you.
You've had a schoolteacher and church leader act disgusted with you for no
...apparent reason.
You feel very unloved.
You've touched a plant and immediately had hives spread up your arm.
You've had cramps so bad you threw up.
You've had cramps so bad you couldn't walk.
You swell up huge with bee stings.
You sometimes swell up huge with mosquito bites.
You've felt sick nauseous before from having so many mosquito bites on your
You've stepped on a bee and gotten stung.
You've survived a minor car accident, although your car was or almost got..
You've been accused of doing something you didn't do.
There's someone you know who everyone thinks is a nice person, but only you
know they're really not.
You've been bullied at a health care clinic.
You've been bullied at a craft event.
Your dad thinks you're worthless.
Your dad is an evil, evil man.
You've been threatened.
You've feared for your life.
You've had a bad ear infection.
Your parents are controlling.
You've been held hostage/told you couldn't leave, etc.
You've had a teacher be rude to you.
You've been kicked out of your house.
You've been forced to stay in your house/told you couldn't leave.
Your parents disowned you.
You've been a victim of a cult.
You've been verbally abused by a friend who betrayed you.
You've had someone force you to do things you didn't want to do.
You've been forced to take drugs or medication you didn't want to take.
...and it had a negative effect on you.
You believe in miracles.
You believe in the supernatural.
You've experienced something supernatural.
You have hope for the future.
You've given up once and gotten sick the next day.
You're holding back because you're scared.
You hide because you're afraid of getting hurt, and you can't trust anyone.
You don't trust anyone.
You have British ancestors.
You like to look up things and learn things on the Internet.
You like to pray.
You love to worship.
You dance in church.
You care what people think of you, and you wish you didn't.
You've watched Amanda Todd's famous youtube video.
You are bothered by what happened to Amanda Todd.
You are bothered by stories of life-threatening allergic reactions.
You've been mistreated by a date.
You care deeply about your best friend.
...although calling her your best friend doesn't really feel right yet,...
because you don't really trust her.
You like eating kale salads.
You wish you could go back and fix your mistakes.
You have some big regrets.
You've made some big, really wrong and really stupid decisions.
...but still you haven't done anything really bad.
You've thrown away something you wish you hadn't.
You've signed a paper you probably shouldn't have and wish you hadn't.
...but you were coerced, so you don't know what would have happened if you.
..had refused.
You've been abused,bullied, harassed, or coerced by a supervisor at work.
You've had a teacher that wouldn't give the class a bathroom break when you
really had to go.
You've been excluded.
You've been bullied at youth group.
You've been bullied at church.
You've suffered from social anxiety.
You've been punished or grounded unjustly.
You've had someone lie about you to someone else.
You've felt alone.
You sometimes sleep with the light on because of a fear of the dark.
You've had an allergic reaction to glue in art class.
You've won an essay contest.
You actually secretly enjoy public speaking.
You have little toes.
You've burnt popcorn.
You like hiking in the woods.
You've babysat.
You have big dreams for your life.
You are talented.
You are gifted.
You can see into the future.
You've had a premonition.
You're intuitive.
You're sensitive.
You believe in angels.
You believe in the power of prayer.
You believe in the power of God.
You are loving, kind, and gentle.
You are trustworthy.
You truly care about people.
You love others.
You love fashion.
You enjoy putting outfits together.
Your eyes are brown and green.
You've been so embarrassed you wished you could just disappear.
You're sometimes socially awkward.
You have a secret.
You have big dreams for the future.
You love pasta.
You love macaroni and cheese.
You love brownies.
You love crab rangoon.
You love lasagna.
You love fruit.
You don't like mushrooms.
You are rejected by both the LGBT community and the Christian community.
You feel the police betrayed you.
You've felt discriminated against at work.
You can't fully trust anyone in your church.
No one in your church reaches out to you, except when it's to say something
You've been baptized.
You read a devotional.
You get restless after sitting still for too long.
Your parents abused you.
You've gotten bit by a tick.
You've been verbally abused.
You've been lied to.
Your parents lied to you.
You have something you are looking forward to.