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Author: hxcsingingsk8r
Created: March 8, 2016
Taken: 40 times
Rated: G

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GIRLS NAMES! [From my facebook friends]

Created by hxcsingingsk8r and taken 40 times on Bzoink
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Ada or Adri?
Aislinn or Alex?
Alexa or Alexia?
Allie or Alyssa?
Amber or Ana?
Ananya or Andrea?
Angela or Angelina?
Angie or Anissa?
Anna or Ari?
Ariana or Arica?
Arleth or Ashlee?
Ashley or Auria?
Beatriz or Bella?
Berni or Beth?
Bethany or Bianca?
Bonnie or Brianna?
Brittany or Caeli?
Caitlin or Caitlyn?
Candice or Caprice?
Cara or Carina?
Caraolina or Celeste?
Celestria or Chelsey?
Cherda or Cheryl?
Cheyenne or Christina?
Christine or Crystal?
Danica or Danielle?
Davishia or Deb?
Debbie or Diana?
Dyana or Elena?
Elise or Elizabeth?
Elyse or Ema?
Ember or Emeline?
Emily or Emma?
Erica or Erika?
Erin or Estrella?
Evee or Fernanda?
Francesca or Gabby?
Gaby or Genevieve?
Gili or Glo?
Grace or Guadalupe?
Haley or Hannah?
Hayla or Hayleigh?
Heather or Heaven?
Helen or Holly?
Hope or Isela?
Itzel or Ivana?
Jade or Jamie?
Jane or Janel?
Jasleen or Jax?
Jayme or Jazmin?
Jean or Jenna?
Jennifer or Jenny?
Jerri or Jessica?
Jill or Jinny?
Jocelyn Johnnie?
Juanita or Judith?
Julia or Julie?
June or Kaileigh?
Kaitlin or Kasmira?
Katie or Kayla?
Kayloni or Kelsea?
Kendra or Kiana?
Kiera or Kim?
Krista or Kristina?
Kylene or Lauren?
Laurita or Lee?
Leia or Leslie?
Lexia or Liana?
Lilia or Lindsay?
Lisa or Lizandra?
Lizbeth or Luca?
Lynn or Ma'ayan?
Madhuri or Mae?
Maggie or Maida?
Mandi or Mari?
Maria or Mariah?
Marie or Marissa?
Mary or Maygen?
Meg or Megan?
Meirav or Melanie?
Michele or Michelle?
Mika or Miranda?
Miriam or Miri?
Molly or Natalia?
Natalie or Nathalie?
Nicole or Nina?
Nitzan or Nora?
Paloma or Pearl?
Penelope or Peri?
Priscilla or Rachel?
Raquel or Rebecca?
Rebekah or Robin?
Rosa or Rose?
Roslyn or Ruby?
Saige or Samantha?
Sammy or Sandi?
Sara or Sarah?
Savannah or Selena?
Serena or Shannon?
Sher or Sheree?
Shianne or Shira?
Sofia or Sophia?
Sophie or Sorel?
Stefanie or Stephanie?
Susan or Svetlana?
Taylor or Theresa?
Tibisay or Tiffany?
Tori or Uma?
Valentine or Valeria?
Valery or Victoria?
Viryna or Xavi?
Yael or Yereltzy
That's all...
So what's your name?
What's your mom's name?
What are your sisters' names?
What are your daughters' names?
What are your favorite girl's names?
Ummmm k bye