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Author: joybucket
Created: February 11, 2016
Taken: 36 times
Rated: G

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How Bohemian Are You?

Created by joybucket and taken 36 times on Bzoink
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Answer true or false, or put an X by the statements that are true of you.
You're a musician.
You're an artist.
You're a writer.
You live a free-spirited life.
You believe in peace, freedom, and love.
You've written a song.
You've written a poem.
You've written a story.
You sing.
You're a dancer.
You're a designer.
You're a free spirit.
You've been called a free spirit by someone else.
You love nature.
You love to travel.
You want to travel more.
You want to live a simple life.
You like flowers.
You have or have had long, wavy hair.
You have or have had dreadlocks.
You have tie-dyed something.
You have worn something tie-dyed.
You enjoy art projects.
You enjoyed art class.
You've painted something.
You can draw.
You are spiritual.
You've been camping and loved it.
You like to be barefoot.
You like to walk barefoot in the summer.
You enjoy hiking.
You eat healthy.
You are artistic.
You are creative.
You live an unconventional lifestyle.
You want to live an unconventional/free-spirited lifestyle.
You own a dream catcher.
You like campfires.
You've sung songs around a campfire.
You like stargazing.
You are fascinated by stars and sunsets.
You are fascinated by fireflies.
You love beauty.
You believe in truth.
You exercise regularly.
You like to try new things.
You are unique.
You are passionate about something.
You value friendships.
You are a trendsetter.
You've been called a trendsetter.
You own a peace sign necklace.
You like lava lamps.
You've done a DIY project.
You love bright colors.
You love music.
You love art.
You love creative writing.
You love dancing.
You love singing.
You've worn something with fringe.
You own a crocheted blanket.
You own fringe boots.
You've worn something long and flowy.
You like free-spirited clothing.
You like being called a free spirit.
You've been to a music festival.
You've been to a renessaince festival.
You've worn a dream catcher necklace.
You enjoy putting outfits together.
You have your own style.
You like reading.
You like the supernatural.
You've experienced something supernatural.
You are open to the supernatural and mysterious.
You believe in the supernatural.
You are intuitive.
You want to learn more about the supernatural and mysterious.
You're a daydreamer.
You're imaginative.
You're not stereotypical.
You wear what you like.
Your room reflects your personality.
Your clothes reflect your personality.
You express yourself through your art or music.
You've sunbathed.
You've watched a sunset.
You've stargazed.
You've slept under the stars.
You think for yourself.
You are optimistic.
You had imaginary friends when you were younger.
You like fairies.
You like mystical creatures.
You like mythology.
You are gifted.
You are talented.
You are skilled.
You have great potential.
You believe you have a purpose.
You've worn something with lace.
You've embroidered.
You like long skirts.
You like sandals.
You've gotten a henna tattoo.
You have a lot of pillows in your room.
You like the Bohemian style of clothing.
You like Bohemian style room decorations.
You like instrumental music.
You like Celtic music.
You've been to Ireland or England.
You have or have had beads hanging in your doorway or window.
You see the world differently than most.
You're spontaneous.
You're adventurous.
You have an adventurous spirit.
You make the most out of every opportunity.
You awake each day with a smile.
You believe in the power of thankfulness and positive thinking.
You believe in magic.
You believe in miracles.
You've witnessed a miracle.
You've dressed up as a fairy.
You've dressed up as a gypsy.
You've taken belly dancing lessons.
You like the sun.
Sunlight makes you happy.
Being outside makes you feel more at peace and more alive.
You feel a sense of peace when you look up at the moon and stars.
You pray.
You play guitar.
You've played a tambourine.
You play bongo drums.
You've played morrocas.