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Author: joybucket
Created: February 5, 2016
Taken: 77 times
Rated: G

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long have you ever

Created by joybucket and taken 77 times on Bzoink
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felt alive?
had your heart broken?
been to summer camp?
given birth?
been bullied?
been abused?
smelled a rose?
dyed your hair pink?
gotten a tattoo?
snuck out of your house?
had a sleepover?
had an epiphany?
had a supernatural experience?
contemplated suicide?
had a crush on a teacher?
sat on a whoopee cushion?
watched Rugrats?
ran a mile without stopping?
decorated a tree for Christmas?
carved a pumpkin?
traveled out of state?
made a snow angel?
been skiing?
been ice skating?
gotten a strike in bowling?
had a professional photo shoot done?
gotten highlights in your hair?
worn prescription glasses?
tread water for more than ten minutes?
done a handstand?
given your life to Jesus?
been to youth group?
been to a bonfire?
roasted marshmallows?
cried yourself to sleep?
won a contest?
won a trophy?
baked a cake?
been hit in the face with a pie?
hit someone else in the face with a pie?
gotten slimed?
skipped school to go and do something fun?
eaten sushi?
flown a kite?
ran a 5k?
written a story?
written a poem?
sang in a choir?
drew a self-portrait?
watched a shooting star?
wished on a star?
watched a sunset?
lain on your back under the stars?
swam in the ocean?
made a bucket list?
aced a test?
failed a test?
counted your blessings?
counted sheep as you were trying to fall asleep?
counted ceiling tiles when you were bored in class?
taken piano lessons?
played/sang in a band?
played with sidewalk chalk?
played with Barbies?
had detention?
written in a diary?
written a letter to the editor?
got dressed up for a school dance?
been on a date?
danced in the rain?
watched fireworks?
build a snowman?
caught snowflakes on your tongue?
build a sandcastle?
ridden a roller coaster?
got Mickey Mouse's autograph?
had your face painted?
ate a snow cone?
had glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling?
worn mis-matched socks?
painted each nail a different color?
had a sleepover?
sung songs around a campfire?
been baptized?
been to church camp?
been angry at an injustice?
had a pet?
slept in a tent?
slept under the stars?
hiked a mountain?
passed out?
come close to passing out?
had to call home sick from school?
been so embarrassed you wished you could disappear?
made paper snowflakes?
been to Starbucks?
blown out birthday candles?
been to a pool party?
played with sparklers?
had something terrible happen to you?
had something amazing happen to you?
lived in a college dorm?
been to church?
read the entire Bible?
read an entire book series?
been on a scavenger hunt?
played Scrabble?
jumped rope?
played Tic Tac Toe?
played Candy Crush Saga?
written an essay?
written a love poem?
had a secret crush?
had a huge secret you were keeping from the world?
sent a postcard in to PostSecret?
had your own blog?
had a Myspace?
edited a picture in photoshop?
burned popcorn?
felt loved?
played Truth or Dare?
sat in a hot tub?
been to a wedding?
been to a funeral?
cried in public?
had stage fright?
had a panic attack?
slept in past your alarm?
been in a car accident?
had a flat tire?
had chicken pox?
blended your own smoothie?
joined an online support group?
had a job?
dreamt of running away?
dreamed of a better world?
sang in the shower?
done a cartwheel?
been rejected?
felt hurt?
eaten so much chocolate or candy that you felt sick?
truly lived?
met someone famous?
wanted to be famous?
felt overlooked?
pet a dog?
ran across a field with your arms outstretched?
drank hot chocolate?
made a bzoink survey?