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Author: brelee
Created: December 6, 2015
Taken: 81 times
Rated: G

Behind my eyelids are islands of violence. (random q's and a lot about music)

Created by brelee and taken 81 times on Bzoink
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Do you like Christmas music?
What's your favorite movie based on a book?
What's a habit of yours you'd like to break?
Have you ever taken dance lessons?
Are you a good cook?
Do you let your hair dry naturally?
Have you ever tie-dyed your own clothes?
If you could ask your future self one question what would it be?
Are you a good liar?
How long could you go without talking?
What has been your worst haircut/style?
What is the worst present you've ever received?
Have you ever bought anything from ebay?
What was the last song you danced to?
Do you like poetry?
What song do you hate the most?
Do you have any lucky items?
What was the last piece of clothing you purchased?
If someone wanted to serenade you, what song would you like them to sing?
What's the best advice anyone has ever given you?
Have you ever gotten gum stuck in your hair?
If you were to win a Grammy, what kind of music would it be for?
Favorite thing to do on a cold and rainy night?
What were you doing before you started taking this survey?
What motivates you to improve yourself?
I love music and I love reading other people's favorite songs and stuff so,
the last questions are music related. (: (you can skip if you want)
What are 3 songs that remind you of someone?
3 songs you love to sing along to?
3 songs that are special to you?
3 songs that make you want to dance?
What is a song that you used to be obsessed with when you were younger?
Do you still have the same music taste as you did 5 years ago?
Are you a big music fan or do you prefer watching movies/tv.. etc?
Who is your favorite songwriter?
What are a few bands you really like?
Do you like boybands / girl groups?
What about country music?
What's a type of music you just can't get into?
Recommend me 5 songs. (any genre, preferably not country but it's fine)
Have you seen your favorite artist/band live?
Do you like going to concerts or not so much?
Here are a few bands/artists I love. Name a song or give your opinion.. do
whatever you please.. (:
Twenty One Pilots.
One Direction.
5 Seconds Of Summer.
The 1975.
We Came As Romans.
Simple Plan.
Sam Smith.
Demi Lovato.
My Chemical Romance.
Linkin Park.
Memphis May Fire.
An Honest Year.
Green Day.
Foster The People.
Fall Out Boy.
Blue October.
Bring Me The Horizon.
If you answered all of those, thanks. (:
Okay, What do you plan on doing after this?
Have you had a good day so far?
How are you feeling?
What's your name, by the way?
Have a nice day/evening. (: