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About This Survey

Author: babycakes1997
Created: October 26, 2015
Taken: 430 times
Rated: G

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Bit About You

Created by babycakes1997 and taken 430 times on Bzoink
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what is your name
eye colour
hair colour
clothing size
straight bi gay or lesbian
relationship status
age you lost your virginity
age you had your first kiss
twitter url
instagram url
tumblr url
yahoo url
youtube url
google plus url
facebook url
pornhub or xnxx
facebook or myspace
eminem or 50 cent
pac or biggie
apple or samsung
bill gates or steve jobs
miami or texas
new york or californa
ever had anal
ever snorted coke
ever smoked crack cocaine
ever smoked weed
do you drink
do you smoke
south park or family guy
spongebob or catdog
rolling tables or teenage dream
i cant feel my face or the hills
subway or mc donalds
burger king or KFC
ever had a threesome
how about orgy
what about strap on
ever watched someone poop
ever bein watched pooping
how often do you poop
have your tried the black whopper(makes your poop green)
do you like ireland
have you been to dublin
porche or benz
have you seen the drake hot line bling video
seen straight out of compton
east or west coast rap
abortion against or for
gay marriage against or for
back or front hole
do you own a gun
are you american
are you in the KKK
are you in the black panters
are you racist
deep south or urban areas
republican or democrat
best us president
best sex position
best porn star
would you be a pornstar
would you be a camera guy or girl for porn
fave category of porn
whos your hero
whos your enemy
do you like the drake song energy
team drake or mill
team kim or nicki
who really killed pac
how about biggie
have you ever had a stroke
how about cancer
are you obese
do you like or hate fat people
views on feederism
views on pro ana social media accounts
have any kids
ever been divorced
ever been stalked
ever been a stalker
ever sold drugs
ever been on a plane
ever been to south east asia
how about north africa
views on 9 11
views on the vitenam war
views on split personality disorder
views on the refuge crisis
do you like the rapper eminem
how about dr dre
views on justin bieber
apple or blueberry pie
big mac or whopper
beer or cider
white or black socks
how many twitter followers do you have
have you seen 5 shades of grey
how about minions
poop or pea
playboy or vogue
biggest fear
do you live to eat or eat to live
words you want on your grave stone
do you like fanta
are you tall or small
heaven or hell
linkin park or my chemical romance