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Author: chasingghosts
Created: October 3, 2015
Taken: 220 times
Rated: PG

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I need to feel you again, I need your lips on my skin. For one night, I could be him.

Created by chasingghosts and taken 220 times on Bzoink
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Who was the last person you took a photo with? Was it self-taken?
Have you ever tried to learn another language? How did it go?
When was the last time you charged your phone?
So, what are your plans for the near future (a year)?
Do you prefer questions about trivial things, or more deep and meaningful?
What can you hear right now? Tell me even the tiniest things.
Where did you last ride in a car to and why?
Tell me about a person that comes to your head whose name starts with M.
Do you drink alcohol? How often?
Do you have any bills that need to be paid right now?
Can you rap freestyle? Or at least sing raps from songs?
Do you know anyone from the Philippines?
What was the last type of soup you ate?
Are you more logical or creative, or maybe somewhere in between?
Do you use bar soap or gel soap?
What's something you wish you'd never seen or heard?
What colour do you associate with the flavour mint?
When was the last time you had brunch?
Does your bedroom door have a lock on it? Do you have to use it?
How many times a year do you travel away from home?
Describe your go-to outfit to me, please.
Do you like your job? Why or why not?
How about your boss? What's your boss like?
Do you have a credit card? Do you rely on it?
Are you bitter about anything at the moment? Tell me about it.
What colour is your bath towel?
Who was the last person you saw a movie at the cinema with? Who paid?
Do you message friends and family on Facebook regularly?
What is the most played song in your iTunes (or other) library?
Have you ever shared a house with a significant other?
Do you have a song in your head? Do you remember how it got stuck there?
When was the last time you did laundry?
Name three countries you would love to visit.
Do you still have a landline phone in your home?
How are you feeling today? Happy, sad, or anything else?
What is your favourite brand of shoes?
Do you prefer to shuffle an album or listen to it start to finish?
If you smoke, what's your brand of choice?
Have you ever built a snowman?
Does it even snow where you live?
If you had to volunteer for a week, where would you like to volunteer?
Who was the last person you made you upset? What did they do?
Do you have a crush on anyone? Tell me about them.
Have you ever had something signed by someone famous? What and who?
What was the last thing you said aloud?