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Author: lilprincess
Created: September 29, 2015
Taken: 136 times
Rated: PG

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How much are we alike? (Part II)

Created by lilprincess and taken 136 times on Bzoink
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You are at least 25 years of age or older.
Your middle name is "Anne".
You live with one parent.
You're moving to a place of your own shortly...
...and extremely psyched about it!)
You have lived abroad before for several years.
You're shorter than 5'2".
You wear a size 6 shoe.
You don't own a car...
...nor a driver's license.
You have a biological sibling...
... and half-siblings.
You are a regular Bzoink user and enjoy taking multiple surveys.
You used to enjoy FB but lately have found it to be a little boring.
You have a Twitter account but you hardly ever use it.
You have a Tumblr account...
....and a Youtube account as well.
You've been considering to get an Instagram.
You prefer taking / creating longer surveys over short ones.
You own a black Smartphone.
Biology was your favorite high school subject.
You actually enjoyed Physical Education.
Math bores you to a great extent, even if it's 'simple' math.
You've had pet cats before...
...and fish.
You were baptized in the Protestant Church.
You're the product of an transcontinental, interfaith couple.
You have been involved in an interracial relationship before.
You're as straight as it gets, but have good friends who are LGBT.
You admire Pope Francis although you're non-Catholic.
You didn't lose your virginity until your early 20s.
You don't understand why some people fret about having sex outside marriage
You learn foreign languages very quickly.
You're trying to learn a language which uses a non-Roman alphabet.
You or someone you're close with has Aspergers, autism or OCD.
When you were little, your dream job was to become a ballet dancer.
You can't wait until you're married and have several children.
You've volunteered for multiple causes.
You describe your build as "petite", but "strong" at the same time.
You've been previously hospitalized for injuries.
You were born outside the U.S.
You would love to own a Vespa.
Astronomy and the study of the solar system fascinates you.
You want to visit Central and Eastern Europe one day...
...and some of South America.
You want to visit Australia and New Zealand some day, too.
You prefer Pepsi over Coke.
Marijuana should be legalized in more countries worldwide.
You're green-eyed.
You're right-handed.
You were born in the wintertime.
You've sworn in foreign languages.
You have friends on FB whom you've never personally met before.
You have penpals from several countries throughout the world.
You believe in ghosts and spirits.
Baseball and golf highly bore you.
You attended a summer sleepover camp when you were younger.
You DON'T believe the #13 and black cats bring bad luck.
You favorite number lies somewhere between 1-10.
You've had a job in the food service before.
You've worked at a health club before.
You've witnessed the 2015 lunar eclipse.
You're a fan of practically anything that's 80s-related.
You don't really like rap music that much.
You like to watch 'fail' videos on Youtube.
You've had stitches.
You have an incredibly strong immune system.
You've read different passages from the Bible before.
You sleep in a queen-sized bed.
You had an extensive Beanie-Baby collection back to when they were 'in'.
Two of your grandparents are deceased.
You rarely ever text anyone.
You actually like seafood.
You've dranken underage at least once.
You're a 'typical' Capricorn.
Genealogy really intrigues you.
You've entered college...
...but never completed it.
You wish that you had type of 'superhuman' power (e.g. telepathy, flying)
You have 200+ friends on Facebook.
Your maternal ancestors were from the British Isles.
You're a former smoker.
You've fasted for a religious holiday before.
You're impartial when it comes to abortion.
Your hair is a bit 'unruly' right now.
You prefer going on the computer over watching TV.
You've practiced Pilates before.
You have very few friends, but so many more acquaintances.
You get along greatly with just about everyone you meet.
You've lost a family member due to cancer.
You've lost a classmate from suicide.
You were raised in the suburbs your entire life.
You like techno/ house music.
Autumn is your favorite season of the year.
Christmas, in your opinion, has become too commercialized. :(
You've personally quoted famous lines from movies/ TV shows.
You're a random , spontaneous person for the most part.
You're very conscious about your health and appearance.
You've taken acting, dancing and/or singing lessons before.
You're a hopeless romantic.
You usually rate & save all the surveys that you've taken.