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Author: livelaughlove05
Created: September 19, 2015
Taken: 122 times
Rated: G

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Are we alike?! :)

Created by livelaughlove05 and taken 122 times on Bzoink
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You are 18 or older
You have a dog
You have been hospitalized
You have had surgery
You like monkeys
You disagree with evolution
You were raised Christian
You're a history nerd
You're majoring/majored in history
You want to be a lawyer
You like singing
You've been swimming in the ocean
You've been to Europe
You've been to Canada
You hate sharp cheddar cheese
You've been to buckingham palace
You know how to write in cursive
You've smoked weed
You've smoked and e-cigarette
You've drank alcohol underage
You've driven a car illegally
You've had a CD burned for you
You work/have worked in fast food
You're in college
You graduated early
You hate math
You went/go to a small high school
You love pizza
You're American
You'll try just about anything once
You've been on multiple airplanes
You've been on a cruise
You're in a relationship
You've had more than one relationship
You like oldies
You wanted to be an actor/actress at one point
You wanted to be a singer too
You've done theatre
You love Broadway/West End musicals
You were in choir
You like studying religions
You've doubted your religion
You have half-siblings
Your parents are divorced
You took college classes while in high school
You're smart
You were homeschooled
You love skating
You live somewhere hot
You've been to New York City
You've been to London
You've been to DC
You're a teacher's pet
You love Mean Girls
You dislike pornography
You have been a victim of abuse
You have lots of health problems
You have fallen out of a tree
You like old movies
You hate stupid people
You're a grammar nazi
You don't trust easily
You've been bullied
You're popular
You love baseball
You've seen Les Miserables
You don't like beer