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Author: livelaughlove05
Created: September 5, 2015
Taken: 142 times
Rated: PG

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Long have you ever :) all things I've done!

Created by livelaughlove05 and taken 142 times on Bzoink
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Smoked weed
Drank alcohol underage
Driven a car without a license
Liked a movie people thought was stupid
Hated metal music
Tried sushi
Disliked seafood
Owned a digital camera
Used a Polaroid camera
Owned a typewriter
Listened to oldies
Took a foreign language class
Switched your major
Participated in a club
Ditched class
Faked sick to get out of something
Disliked dark chocolate
Been hiking
Been out of the country more than once
Played card games in class
Set a microwave on fire
Done a scavenger hunt in a mall
Had a surprise party
Had people tell you you were smart
Been in the honors program
Roller bladed
Eaten Greek food
Pretended to be British while in England
Ridden a train
Drank coffee regularly
Drank energy drinks regularly
Loved spicy foods
Been to Panda Express
Whined until you got your way
Had a teacher hate you
Been a teachers pet
Done martial arts
Gotten a black belt
Competed in a tournament
Swallowed gum
Seen Across the Universe
Had a boyfriend
Had sex
Had oral sex
Had anal sex
Wished on a shooting star
Wanted to die
Been a good liar
Been a child of a divorced couple
Had a pregnancy scare
Graduated high school
Waited until you were 13 to get Facebook
Cheated on a test
Been to New York in the winter
Taken a day trip to another state
Been camping
Had a lot of cousins
Had dreams of being an actor or singer
Wanted to be on American idol
Spent the night at a member of the opposite sex's house
Pulled a prank
Gone a week without showering
Gone to summer camp
Seen a bear in the wild
Enjoyed history