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Author: n0b0dysp3rf3ct
Created: August 31, 2015
Taken: 101 times
Rated: PG

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-=- Friends Survey -=-

Created by n0b0dysp3rf3ct and taken 101 times on Bzoink
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-- List 8 Friends of Either Gender --
Questions About These Friends
Does number 4 have a drivers licence?
Can number 7 speak another language?
Does 2 know your parents well?
Have 3 and 5 been in the same room together?
Does 1 have similar music tastes to you?
Has 6 ever stayed at your house?
When did 3 last text you?
Does 5 have any pets? If so, what do they have?
Does 7 live in the same town/city as you?
Have you ever lent something important to 8?
Can number 1 sing well?
Does 2 have any siblings?
If 4 called you at 2am, what would your reaction be?
Who is 8s best friend?
Does 6 have a favourite tv show? If so, what is it?
Who out of 5 and 7 knows you the best?
Does 4 have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Does 2 have a career/knows what they want to be?
Have you ever kissed 1?
Does 3 have or want children?
Does 6 have any piercings or tattoos?
Do your parents know 8?
Which Number...
Have you had romantic feelings for?
have you told a secret to?
Have you shared a bed with?
Have you watched a movie with?
Have you seen cry?
Have seen you cry?
Have cooked you something?
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Have met your parents?
Have been to the same school/college as you?
About Number One
What age are they?
Have you met their parents?
Have you ever been in a relationship with them?
Do they like most of your other friends?
How often do you two meet up and / or talk?
When did you last argue?
What is their favourite food?
Where is their favourite place to be?
How many close friends do they have?
Number Two
What colour is their eyes?
Have they known you the longest?
Where were they born?
Why are they your number 2?
Do they like children?
Would they beat you in a race?
When did you last spend time alone together?
Do they have a pet peeve? What is it?
Number Three
What is their hair colour?
What is their job, if they have one?
Do they have their own place?
How many brothers or sisters do they have?
Have you ever done something illegal with them?
How old were you when you met each other?
Are they more sporty, arty or academic?
Have you ever travelled out of country with this person?
Person Four
Do they have a favourite musician?
Have you drank alcohol with this person?
?Are their parents together?
What do you enjoy doing with them?
When is their birthday?
Do they have long or short hair?
Have you been to a concert with this person?
If you asked them to describe you, what do you think they would say?
Person Five
Where did you two meet?
How long ago did they phone you?
Do they have a certain sport they play?
What about them annoys you sometimes?
Are they ruled by their head or their heart?
Are they male or female?
In what ways are they the opposite of you?
How many rooms do they have in their house?
Person Six
Can they play an instrument?
Are they close with their mother?
Do you know any of their siblings well?
How many times have you visited their house?
When did you last go out to eat together?
Do they own a bike?
Do they have a sweet, sour or salty tooth?
What music genre do they listen to most?
Person Seven
Would you ever consider dating this person?
Do they prefer cats or dogs?
Are they or do they plan to go to college? To study what?
If they did something illegal, what would it be?
Have you ever shared a sundae with this person?
is their hair dyed or natural?
Is this peson sarcastic?
Is this person more likely to party or sit in and read a book?
Person Eight
Have you ever lied to this person?
Do you know where this person was born?
Do you know their middle name and do they know yours?
Do they have any special talents?
What is their starsign?
What is the first thing you notice about this person?
Have you ever had a big row with this person?
Do you like the same types of movies as this person?
Random Stuff
Which of these friends would you say you are the closest to?
Can you remember all of their birthdays?
Is there anything you regret saying to any of them?
Which one of these has been their for you the most?
Which one have you known the longest and the shortest amount of time?
If you needed a laugh, you'd call...
If you needed advice, you'd call...
Which one does your parents like the most?
Is there any of these your parents dislike?
Do any of them share the same initials?
You can invite one with you for a once in a lifetime trip, which one?
Something you'd like to say to one of them:

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