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Author: cheddarsox
Created: August 4, 2015
Taken: 56 times
Rated: G

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My boyfriend helped me write this

Created by cheddarsox and taken 56 times on Bzoink
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we really want to know...
do you ever do these surveys with your SO? we do all the time
have you ever totally lied or made up ridiculous answers for surveys? that'
do animal furs upset you?
who picks the music when you're riding in the car?
do you have a waste basket in your car?
what's the Spanish name for your favourite food?
do you know anyone who regularly uses a bike for transportation?
do you consider audio books not really reading?
strangest thing you've ever put in the trunk of a car?
do you carry matches or a lighter?
do you keep socks with a hole in them if they are your favorites?
have you ever mended clothing?
last time you wore clothes that were too small on you.
have you ever frightened someone on purpose. not as a tease but to seriousl
what's the most shocking thing you've ever found out about someone that you
have you ever had something taken away from you by airport security?
what's the last wild animal you have seen?
something you were surprised to learn about your parent's childhood?
do you store any non food items in the fridge?
have you ever told a friend you thought their parent was hot?
what was the last thing you bought from a gumball machine?
how long ago was that?
have you ever destroyed another person's belongings out of anger?
plain band aids or fun ones?
which pain killer do you use?
have you ever used someone else's Rx med?
have you ever borrowed underwear from a friend?
would you like to be part of a wedding party?
last pair of shoes you threw out and why?
have you ever thrown anything up to hang on the power/phone lines?
have your parents asked you to explain a term and you lied because it was e
have you ever really stayed up all night to do homework?
last thing you couldn't find because you put it someplace safe and forgot w
have you ever had anything stolen from you?
have you had your house broken into?
if you could make up one rule for all your friends, what would it be?
do you pay attention to people's posture?
do you have a creepy uncle, or have a friend who has one?
alarm clock, or do you use your phone?
have you ever backed into a cactus? ouch!
do any of your relatives not have home internet?
when you get the munchies, do you want sweet or salty?
something you taught yourself how to do?

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