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Author: p0tat0
Created: July 27, 2015
Taken: 106 times
Rated: G

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Have you ever?

Created by p0tat0 and taken 106 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever...
Been caught dancing in the mirror?
Been to the zoo?
Swam in the ocean?
Gotten lost on a roadtrip?
Been out of the country?
Lied to your best friend?
Dated someone without your parents knowing?
Written a story?
Owned a pet guinea pig?
Owned a pet chicken?
Hated someone?
Loved someone?
Been on TV?
Been in a movie?
Ridden a camel?
Ridden an elephant?
Broken a bone?
Regretted a deciscion?
Had a crush on your bestfriend?
Stolen anything?
Wanted to die?
Self harmed?
Smoked a cigarette?
Danced on a table?
Lost your virginity under the age of 18?
Killed an animal?
Said no when you really meant yes?
Said yes when you really meant no?
Cheated on someone?
Been camping?
Went surfing?
Met a famous person?
Learnt to play an instrument?
Learnt another language?
Pretended to like someone you really hate?
Wanted to change the past?
Fallen asleep during class?
Fallen off a wall?
Had surgery?
Been kidnapped?
Driven a car?
Walked more than 2 dogs at the same time?
Kept your opinions to yourself?
Wanted to change your name?
Wanted to run away?
Been abused?
Done drugs?
Pretended to be an animal?
Dropped your phone into the toilet?
Clogged someone else's toilet?
Cut your own hair?
Cut someone else's hair?
Crashed a party?
Crashed a wedding?
Told a secret you swore to keep?
Done something you swore you wouldn't do?
Been in a fight?
Been to a basketball match?
Stayed up all night as a child during Christmas to wait for Santa?
Had a nervous breakdown?
Swung on a chandelier?
Done graffiti?
Been friends with someone your parents hated?
Been rejected by your crush?
Dated someone your parents hated?
Played a sport?
Been on a diet?
Stayed in bed for the whole day?
Cheated on a test?
Been scubadiving?
Puked in public?
Sang in public?
Had a party where no one showed up to?
Created a hate page for a celebrity?
Started a blog?
Started a youtube channel?
Gotten revenge on someone?
Played a prank on someone?
Been in a submarine?
Been to a funeral?
Been cheated on?
Been kissed?
Had a sleepover with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
Been caught sneaking out?
Been grounded?
Been to a nightclub?

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