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Author: joybucket
Created: June 13, 2015
Taken: 18 times
Rated: G

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End of the Day Survey for Christians

Created by joybucket and taken 18 times on Bzoink
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What is today's date?
Did you eat healthy today?
Did you eat fruits and vegetables today?
Did you exercise today?
Did you do something creative today?
Did you worship today?
Did you pray today?
Did you read your Bible today?
Did you practice with any of your spiritual gifts today?
Did you spend time with God outside today?
Did you obey God today?
Did you live tightly today?
What did you learn today?
Did you grow today?
Any big testimonies?
What did you read today?
Did you spend your time wisely?
What is something you accomplished?
Are you happy with the way you spent your day?
Are you proud of the way you spent your day?
Do you have something to build on for tomorrow?
Is God pleased?
Did you encounter God today?
Did you shine your light before others?
Were you responsible?
Did you have fun?
Did you step outside of your comfort zone?
Were you alive?
Can you say today was successful?
Can you say today was better than yesterday?
What do you want to accomplish tomorrow?
Did u accomplish 2day what u said yesterday u would accomplish 2morrow?
What was a Scripture highlight of today?
Did you regard today as holy?
Were you sensitive to the Holy Spirit's promptings today?
How did you honor the day?
How did you honor the Lord today?
Are you happy to be alive?
Did you grow in your gifts today?
Any new discoveries?
Did you live as a free spirit today?
Did what you do bring you closer to reaching your goals?
Did you reach your goal of pleasing God today?
Did you offer your body as a living sacrifice?
R u Xcited 2 do so again 2morrow, or r u thankful his mercies r anew 2morro