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Author: joybucket
Created: June 3, 2015
Taken: 22 times
Rated: G

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Created by joybucket and taken 22 times on Bzoink
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Are you really living?
Do you laugh a lot?
Do you love your life?
If not, what changes do you need to make?
Are you a different person than you were last year?
If not, why not? If yes, how'd that come about?
Are you grateful?
Do you give love?
How have you shown someone love today?
Do you have a lot of love to give?
Do you have good luck?
What do you think it means to "make your own luck"?
Do you "make your own luck"?
What do you think it means to live simply?
Do you live simply?
Do you dream big?
What are some of your dreams?
What do you think it means to "be always blooming"?
Are you always blooming?
Do you eat well?
Do you travel often?
Where was the last place you traveled? How long ago was it?
Is there a spark in you?
If yes, what will you do with this spark?
What do you think it means to "discover happiness"?
Are you discovering happiness?
Are you a good listener?
Do you listen more than you talk?
Do you think it would benefit you to talk less?
What unexpected blessings have come your way lately?
Do you believe that life is a gift?
Do you see life as a gift?
When was the last time you counted your blessings?
Ponder your blessings for a moment. Do you have a lot to be thankful for?
List ten things that you are thankful for.
Do you like snow?
Do you think the snow is beautiful?
What do you want to be for Halloween this year?
Do you celebrate holidays?
Do you believe that every day is a holy day? [holiday-holy day]
What was the last thing that fascinated you?
Are you happy?
Are you living your dreams?
Why or why not?
If you're not, what do you need to change?
Do you have these things in your life?
awesome people
unexpected surprises (both good and bad)
extraordinary experiences
encounters with the supernatural
love from other people
support from other people
Have you ever
had an epiphany?
found a four leaf clover?
swam in the ocean?
traveled to a foreign country?
ran barefoot through a field of grass?
stargazed while sitting on a roof?
laid on your back and watched the stars?
wished on a star?
just sat and watched a sunset?
a sunrise?
swam in a lake?
laid on your back and watched the clouds?
read a book on the beach?
hiked up a mountain?
gone on a hike in the woods?
gone camping in a tent?
danced in the rain?
danced in the moonlight?
gone for a walk in the pouring rain without an umbrella?
kissed in the rain?
read your favorite book more than once?
had a sleepover?
stayed up all night talking with a friend?
watched fireflies?
climbed a tree?
took a step out of your comfort zone and then something magical happened?
dyed your hair pink?
worn something leopard print?
dressed ridiculous just for the fun of it?
More Randoms
What is something you have been pondering lately?
What are your favorite ingredients to put in a smoothie?
What do you need more of in your life?
Do you have a best friend that you can tell your secrets to?
Are you bold and courageous?
Do you go after what you want, or do you wait for it to come to you?
List ten adjectives to describe you.
You have three girls. What do you name them? (include first and middle)
How about boys?
List ten girl names that you like.
List ten boy names that you like.
List ten names that you like for a dog or a cat.
List ten last names that you like.
List ten things that you have in your room.
List three colors that you like.
List three favorite foods.
List three favorite drinks.
List three things you like about summer.
List three things you hate.
List three things you love.
List three things you couldn't live without.
List three emotions you experience frequently.
List three things you are looking forward to.
List three goals for today (or tomorrow).
List three habits you want to break.
List three habits you want to start.
List three things that make you happy.
List three good things that happened today.
Did you write a story?
Did you paint anything?
Did you exercise?
Do you eat vegetables and fruit?
Did you sing?
Did you worship?
Did you pray?
Did you spend time with someone you love?
Did you read?
Did you daydream?
Did you meditate?
Did you do something exceptional?
Did you cry?
Did you laugh?
Did you clean your room?
Did you create something?
Did you learn something new?
Did you do anything you've never done before?
Did you smile?
Did you eat healthy?
Did you use your time wisely?
Did you make the most of every opportunity?
Did you do something that your future self will thank you for?
Did you live boldly and courageously?
Did you live creatively?
Were you true to yourself?
Are you pleased?
What can you do different tomorrow?
What steps will you take to do this?