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Author: joybucket
Created: June 3, 2015
Taken: 56 times
Rated: G

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Not Your Ordinary Survey

Created by joybucket and taken 56 times on Bzoink
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Are you thankful for mystery, or does mystery annoy you?
Have you experienced any enchantment in your day?
Do you feel you are more mature than your peers?
What is your name's meaning, and do you feel it fits you?
What's one color you have never and will never dye your hair?
Why do we make life so complicated?
What's one way in which you need to grow up?
What's one good habit you have?
List an adjective that describes you that starts with an A.
If you were a writer, what would you use for your pen name?
What do you want to name your kids?
Are you thankful?
Did you eat too many cookies today?
Do you hurt inside?
Are you lacking a basic human need right now?
Do you feel honored to be human, or ashamed?
Do you have a lot to be thankful for?
Do you worship?
Are you in tune with nature?
Have you ever had a premonition?
Have you ever been abused?
Do you feel that life is fair?
Is there something that you need/want to do but have been procrastinating?
Are you happy?
Do you have a favorite person?
Does anybody know the real you?
Does anybody know and love the real you?
Have you ever wished you could just disappear?
How do you handle stress?
Can you dance?