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Author: gloomie
Created: May 16, 2015
Taken: 99 times
Rated: G

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this or that  

This or that? // Random.

Created by gloomie and taken 99 times on Bzoink
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Open or closed?
Sheets or comforter?
Hot or cold?
Walk or run?
Water or juice?
Horror or comedy?
Soft or rough?
Push or pull?
Spiders or snakes?
Eat or drink?
Go blind or deaf?
Fruits or vegetables?
Text or call?
Car or bus?
Windows or doors?
Eyes or lips?
Love or lust?
Good or evil?
Mom or dad?
Hands or feet?
Ignorance or revolution?
Quiet or loud?
Pale or tan?
Makeup or hair?
Reality or fantasy?
Dry or oily?
Sandals or shoes?
Hamsters or guinea pigs?
Turkey or ham?
Dill pickles or sweet pickles?
Northern or southern?
Bite or lick?
Netflix or Redbox?
Facebook or Twitter?
Polls or surveys?
Talk or listen?
Dolphins or sharks?
The ocean or the mountains?
Nice or mean?
Bruise or cut?
Rain or snow?
USA or Canada?
Tall or short?
Google Chrome or Firefox?
Desktop or laptop?
Peanut butter or jelly?
Treadmill or elliptical?
Past or future?
Christmas or Halloween?
Brush or comb?