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Author: lilprincess
Created: May 6, 2015
Taken: 123 times
Rated: G

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How much are we alike (Part I)

Created by lilprincess and taken 123 times on Bzoink
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Your given name begins with a C.
Your middle name begins with a vowel.
Your last name ends with a consonant.
Your first name is of Latin origin.
There's a silent letter in your surname.
People tend to have issues pronouncing your surname.
Your father was the one who picked out your birth name.
You think your first name is pretty.
You have names picked out for your future kids.
Your first name rhymes with multiple words.
You're named after a Catholic holy figure.
Many people mistake you for being younger than your actual age.
You're old enough to legally drink, drive and vote.
You have a youthful physical appearance and attitude.
Education and Job Background
You are a post-high school graduate.
You've attended some college but never completed it.
You've attended 2 different middle schools.
At school you had very few close friends, but many acquaintances.
Math was your least favorite subject.
You've participated in extracurricular academic activities.
You've won a spelling bee in elementary school.
Home economics and wood shop were required courses in your middle school.
You attended your high school prom alone.
Physical Appearance
You're a dark-haired brunette.
You have green eyes.
You've been wearing glasses for a long time.
You are near sighted.
You have a button nose.
You are 5'4".
Your smallest pants & skirt size was a 2.
You take morning showers.
You polish your own nails.
Your favorite color to wear is black.
You've had your hair completely dyed before.
You've worn spray-on tattoos before.
You have multiple piercings.
You find it nearly impossible to walk in high heels.
You currently have bangs.
You barely wear makeup.
You have tiny feet.
You're dominantly right handed.
Love, Sex & Romance
You're not a virgin.
You're considering using the birth control pill.
You're currently involved in a long-distance relationship.
Your significant other's native language is different from yours.
You believe there's much more to a romantic relationship than just sex.
You've been in love with someone else while in a relationship.
You are straight but support same-sex marriage.
Thanks for answering this survey. Part II coming soon. :)
Do you have any unique theme ideas you have before I write Part II? :)