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Author: bitchtitz
Created: December 23, 2014
Taken: 28 times
Rated: R

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Bad Bitchez Only

Created by bitchtitz and taken 28 times on Bzoink
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How Bad Is You? This bout to b as Basic as we get...
How old r u.. (Is u even old enuff to b bad)
Relationship Status?
R U Basic?
How r u not basic?
How bad is you, n the baddest shit u done?
Blame it on the ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahlcohol
How Often?
Been to the Bar?
The Club?
Bar or Club?
What is your drink of choice?
Can u hold ur alc?
Bad Baby Bruh Bruh Stuff
Do u sneak out?
Do u sneak In?
Smoke Ciggs?
Do u lie?
Do u cheat on tests?
Do u cheat on bae?
Do u call in "sick"
Do u speak trill grammer?
Is weed a drug?
Fuk wit Weed?
Pillz u fuk wit:
Snort, Smoke, or Swallow?
U mix pillz wit alc?
How do u take ur E?
Trip on Acid?
what drug u go to school on?
what drug u go to work on?
How many drugs u been on @ once?
Shot up before?
Done a drug n u wasnt sure whats in it?
Craziest High?
Worst High??
How many days u been up from drugs?
Sexual Orination/ Preferance?
Madeout wit same sex?
How far you been wit a dude?
How far you been wit a chick?
Do u use condoms?
How many STDs or STIs have u have?
3 sum or nah?
Do u swallow?
How many sexual partners u had?
Can I play wit ur titz?
Can I eat you out?
Pee n public?
take a shit in public??
been homeless?
kicked out?
Break in anywhere?
Vandalize anything?
Tag shit?
What is yo tag?
How many times u been arrested?
Been in fights?
Ride dirty?
Baddest thing u done?
Sketchiest drug deal?
Do u hussle?
Ever shoot a gun?
Cut a bitch?