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Author: emilydoll
Created: November 25, 2014
Taken: 129 times
Rated: G

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~*~ && BE HONEST! <3 ~*~ { Random Questions }

Created by emilydoll and taken 129 times on Bzoink
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Are you more positive or a debbie downer?
What would you love to drink right now?
Is that an alcoholic drink or not?
Oh good. What would you love to eat right now?
How many meals do you eat a day?
If you could have any talent in the world what would it be? Be realistic.
Do you brush your tongue with your tooth brush?
How many times do you brush your teeth a day honestly?
What are you favorite type of jeans?
Do you pop your bones? or Crack your knuckles?
Did you just pop your bones or were about to?
Haha. What's a movie you would recomend to a friend?
Are you a righty or a lefty?
Do you eat your nails?
Do you enjoy making or taking surveys?
Name something that is blue that you like
Name something pink that you like
What music can you not stand?
What is music you listen to when you just want to chill?
What was your favorite concert that you've been to if any?
How many pets do you have and what kind?
If you could have one more pet, what?
If you could sleep next to a tame wild animal what?
Would you rather have an owl or a snake?
Cool! What would you name it?
Do you eat the ice in your drink?
What do you order at Chic-Fil-A?
If you had to go to Mcdonalds what do you order?
Wait... do you actually like Mcdonalds?
That's interesting. What is your favorite cuss word?
Do you cuss a lot?
Have you ever been addicted to cigarettes?
Bad habit. What is your favorite font at the moment?
Which do you use more? Facebook or Instagram?
What is a hobby of yours?
Would you give it up for a million dollars?
What WOULD you give up for a million dollars?
Do you have a favorite number?
Are you a student? If so, what classes will you take next?
How do you like your tea?
Favorite drink at Starbucks?
___ makes you laugh
___makes you mad
___ makes you happy
Are you a good kisser?
How many real bf/gf have you had?
Did you enjoy your past relationships?
Would you ever get back with your ex?
Your crush has what color hair and eyes?
Do you like 80's music?
Name a comedy that you like
Do you like homework?
Something you want to buy real bad?
Something you would NEVER buy?
Something you would buy a friend as a gift?
What is something that would be a good birthday gift for you?
Something you would gift yourself?
Favorite candle scent?
Favorite Bath and Body Works scent?
Do you watch beauty videos on You Tube?
Have you ever questioned your sexuality?
Do you like Star Wars?
What is the best thing about life?
What do you think will happen when you die?
Are you superstitious?
What kind of surveys do you like the most?
Do you like this survey?
Will you give it a 5 star?
Do you go to church?
Do you like Christian music?
Have you ever skateboarded and failed at it?
Have you ever dropped something down the garbage disposal on accident?
What show/concert have you went to that you didn't like much?
What CD would you never buy for yourself?
Is sex a must in your life?
Could you wait until marriage for sex?
Have you watched porn alone before?
What do you think about weed?
What shampoo do you use specifically?
What conditioner?
What body wash?
What is your favorite product brand? Name 2 good brands.
What is your favorite type of soda?
Favorite dessert?
I know you love animals, but what is your favorite?
Cute! Would you rather be cute and ugly or hot and stupid
Would you ever kill someone for fun?
Are you evil in any way?
Have you read the entire bible before?
What is your favorite sport?
Are you good at it? :)
Which smiley face do you like best? ( :) ) or ( :0] )
Would you rather be a clown or a garbage man?
Would you rather be a mime or a janitor?
What unpopular job would you not mind having?
What is your dream job?
Hmmm. Would you rather be a rockstar or a librarian?