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About This Survey

Author: andy
Created: October 17, 2014
Taken: 107 times
Rated: G

Halloween - Would You Rather

Created by andy and taken 107 times on Bzoink
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Walk through a graveyard at midnight, or spend the night in a haunted house
Dunk for apples, or carve a jack-o-lantern
Meet a vampire, or meet a werewolf
Be a vampire, or be a werewolf
Read a scary story, or watch a scary movie
Make your own costume, or buy one from a store
Eat all of your Halloween candy, or sell it for $10
Dress up as an angel, or a devil
Go trick or treating at the mall, or in your neighborhood
Be chased buy one werewolf, or five zombies
Organize your own haunted house, or go to someone else's
Eat six fish eyes or one frog
Sleep in a coffin or live in a giant pumpkin
Win a contest for best costume, or best jack-o-lantern
Go to an awesome party with no one you know or a bad party with all friends
Have an amazing uncomfortable costume or a bad comfortable one
Get 20 favorite candies or 50 not-so-favorite candies
Go trick or treating with friends, or get paid $20 to take your little bro
Eat all of your candy in a week, or eat one piece a day until gone
Happy Halloween from Bzoink!