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Author: pinkchocolate
Created: September 26, 2014
Taken: 117 times
Rated: PG

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It's time to move forward.

Created by pinkchocolate and taken 117 times on Bzoink
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Do you have any scented candles in your home? What scent(s)?
Are you planning any special outings with family or friends?
Who were the last 3 males you talked to?
Name someone who made you laugh today.
What was the last form of communication you used ...
... to speak to your best friend? (e.g. text message, phone call)
In 3 words, describe the person you're currently interested in.
Do you ever wear lipstick? What colour(s) do you prefer?
If you have a pet, when did you last pet him/her?
Do you have a favourite Celine Dion song?
Name one of your favourite foods, that starts with the letter 'C'.
Who is the 12th contact in your phone? How did you meet him/her?
Put your iPod on shuffle. What genre is the first song that's chosen?
Does the person love/like have a car? What colour is it?
Have you ever received a compliment on anything you're wearing?
Which word(s) do you generally use . . .
. . . to describe someone attractive? (e.g. "fit", "sexy")
Have you had any caffeinated beverages today?
In your phone, who is the first contact listed under 'S'?
What's his/her favourite food?
What was the last alcoholic drink you tried for the first time?
Did you like it?
Have you eaten any chocolate today? What kind?
Find the 7th text message in your inbox.
Was that message from a male or female?
The last person you kissed - are they older or younger than you?
Think back to 6 months ago - how was your love life?
Name something you like, that starts with the letter 'L'.
When was the last time someone wanted you to do something, and you refused?
What's your favourite feature of the person you're currently interested in?
How many people have you hugged today?
Do you have a favourite hair colour or eye colour on your preferred sex?
Do you remember the first CD you ever bought?
Describe your last awkward moment.
Is there anyone on your mind atm?
When was the last time you spoke to that person?
The last song you listened to - does it remind you of anyone?
When was the last time you had Pop Tarts? What flavour were they?
What was the last compliment you received?