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Author: tiger-eyes
Created: July 18, 2014
Taken: 150 times
Rated: G

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Are we alike or nah? (True/False)

Created by tiger-eyes and taken 150 times on Bzoink
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Your middle name is Alexandria
You have hazel eyes
You hate your last name
Your favorite color is Black
You don\\\'t like action movies
Disney Channel was basically the only thing you watched as a kid
You\'re a scorpio
You like pop punk music
You never get tired of The Notebook
You're a book lover
You wish you had an older brother
You want tattoos/piercings
You're not very social
Your best friend's name is Mariah
You have two dogs
Coke is your favorite drink
Your bedroom walls are painted purple
You are engaged
It's very hard for someone to break your heart
You are short
You were homeschooled for some of school
You live in the South
Your Dad's name starts with T
You are closer with your Mom than with your Dad
You hate being cold
You love blankets
Macaroni is your favorite food
You've traveled up North
You want to live in Hawaii
You love anything coconut
You want to be a psychologist
You have one sister
You are an Aunt
Your favorite holiday is Thanksgiving
Your favorite Halloween movies are The Little Vampire & Hocus Pocus
You are addicted to Netflix
You need to go outside more
You're engaged
You are afraid of heights
You've been in love twice
You don't get embarrassed easily
You hate eggs
You always get homesick
You've been diagnosed with anxiety
You were happy today