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Author: chasingghosts
Created: July 2, 2014
Taken: 112 times
Rated: G

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These are not the nights I wished for. These nights are cold and unrelenting.

Created by chasingghosts and taken 112 times on Bzoink
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Random true or false survey. In no particular order.
This is not a "are we alike?" survey, these things do not
necessarily apply to me. Enjoy.
You live in a town with less than 10,000 residents.
You are currently or have previously been in a long-distance relationship.
You know how to play a woodwind instrument.
Your favourite food group is dairy.
You are the type to overthink small things people say.
You sleep in a twin bed.
You live in clutter and chaos.
You have more than one account on Facebook.
You eat more food than you should.
You speak with an accent different to other people where you live.
You have never been in love.
You know how to drive a stick-shift car.
You have immediate family members that you've never met.
You have participated in team sports.
You have stayed awake all night more than once.
You have received some sort of fine.
You have never played Mario Kart.
You have travelled to another continent.
You have difficulty explaining how you feel in words.
You are interested in astronomy.
You have never tasted asparagus.
You know people who never graduated high school but are now successful.
You have been swimming naked in a public place.
You have a checking account.
You find yourself getting motion sickness easily.
You currently have unread messages on your phone.
You feel happy more often than you feel sad.
You have never had a pet animal of any kind.
You can only cook things that come frozen in a box.
You have no real hobbies.
You have pretended to be someone else on the internet.
You put things off until the last minute and regret it every time.
You have seen a poisonous and/or aggressive animal in the wild.
You are currently or have previously been married.
You eat fast food more than three times a week.
You have a close relationship with your mother.
You live in the southern hemisphere.
You know how to use Photoshop properly.
You have been for a ride in a helicopter.
Your ultimate life goal is certainly attainable if you work hard.
You are prone to migraines.
You live in a house bigger than what your household requires.
You are easily entertained.
You don't have a favourite animal.
You choose to do your shopping alone rather than with other people.
You once owned a cartoon character lunch box.
You have used illegal fireworks.
You know someone who has committed a serious crime.
You keep a stash of tissues nearby always.
You currently have a song stuck in your head.
You find it hard to focus on movies and television.
You lose your train of thought while speaking quite often.
You are currently not wearing any socks.
You have a novelty keychain on your set of keys.
Your movie snack of choice is Junior Mints.
You dislike the majority of people around you.