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Author: italianradio97
Created: June 9, 2014
Taken: 63 times
Rated: PG

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She's my cherry pie.

Created by italianradio97 and taken 63 times on Bzoink
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What gender do you identify with?
What's your sun sign?
What sun sign do you think you should be?
What's your opinion on astrology?
Are you more of a science or math person?
What religion/spirtuality do you identify with, if any?
What are your opinions on abortion?
Same-sex marriage?
More importantly, what is your opinion on peanut butter & banana sandwiches
What is your favorite book that was turned into a movie?
Do you like the movie or the book better?
If you identify as a girl, would you ever consider getting a pixie cut?
If you identify as a boy, would you ever consider growing your hair out?
Are you a metalhead?
Do you even listen to metal?
Do you watch porn?
If you don't, do you have a moral reasoning behind that decision?
Do you know anybody who is a Wiccan or Pagan?
Do/did you ever attend church regularly?
Do you have a godmother/godfather/both?
What's your favorite flavor of applesauce, if any?
Do you listen to Supertramp?
Do you watch Supernatural?
What's your favorite character in your favorite TV show?
What instrument would you like to learn how to play?
Are you wearing any rings right now?
Do you go to a firework show every 4th of July?
I'm sorry, if you live outside of the US, how do you celebrate national
...^^ holidays?
Do you know what the game Ludo is?
State something you know about Russia:
What is your favorite candy bar?
Are you diabetic?
Are you allergic to gluten?
Are you lactose intolerant?
What is your favorite fruit?
Your favorite vegetable?
Where is the majority of your family from?
Do you live with your parents?
Have you written a formal essay lately?
How much experience do you have written down on your resume, approximately?