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Author: jordannaveja
Created: May 27, 2014
Taken: 104 times
Rated: PG

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Are we alike.... or nah?

Created by jordannaveja and taken 104 times on Bzoink
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You are in a relationship?
You like all different types of music?
Black and or pink are your favorite colors?
You love all animals?
You cuss like a sailor?
You are sort of a perfectionist?
You had a really bad heartbreak?
You love everyone, despite the fact that some people screw you over?
You keep all your fortunes from fortune cookies in a special place?
You have a specific band you listen to when you feel super shitty?
You wash your hair everyday?
You had troubles with an eating disorder at one point?
You are currently listening to music?
You party occasionally?
You love the show That 70s Show?
You have an iphone?
You have really bad anxiety?
You are super shy?
You think that smiles like :) mean more than emojis sometimes?
You have a sister and a brother?
Your hair is currently a fun color?
The word awkward describes your life perfectly?
You are a great liar but have a guilty conscience?
The idea of having children just doesn't seem appealing to you?
You love presidents?
You are incredibly funny and witty?
You are graduating soon?
You're finally in the in group?
You could cuddle all night if you had the chance?
You are a christian
You love cats?
Your best friends are all older than you?
You are incredibly picky when it comes to food?
You have expensive taste?
You are extremely self-conscious?
You are hungry as hell right now?
You always have to sleep with a blanket, no matter the temp?
You are very accepting?
You forgive too easily to avoid having conflict?
You can twerk?
You are 18?
You dated a boy whose name started with an I, J or Z?
You are very pessimistic but still love life?
You're finally happy?
Are we alike yo?