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Author: xxbieberburnham
Created: May 25, 2014
Taken: 56 times
Rated: G

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Hello Seattle

Created by xxbieberburnham and taken 56 times on Bzoink
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Are we alike? :D
You often feel like you're alone in this world.
You're listening to music while you do this.
You like Taylor Swift.
You love bands more than anything.
Your name begins with the letter H.
You have a strong desire to travel the world.
You have Tumblr and absolutely love it.
You also have Twitter.
And Facebook.
You love to read.
You can't wait for summer!
You like ice cream better than popsicles.
You are a grammar and spelling freak. It has to be correct.
You don't mind wearing dresses and looking nice.
Your room has lamps in it, not an overhead light on the ceiling.
You despise drama.
You get/did get good grades in school.
If your at home your hair is usually in a ponytail.
Spaghetti is your favorite food.
You don't come on here as often as you used to.
You like even numbers better but your favorite number is odd.
You have a clock in your bedroom. One that isn't digital.
You're listening to your favorite band/singer as you do this.
Your headphones/earbuds are white.
You have an iPod.
You have a cat.
You love cuddling.
You are completely happy with your life.
You have big dreams for yourself.