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Author: mollymindfreak
Created: May 12, 2014
Taken: 257 times
Rated: G

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Have you Ever??

Created by mollymindfreak and taken 257 times on Bzoink
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Have You Ever? Write Yes or No to each question. :) Have fun.
Got a piercing?
Got a tattoo?
Been kissed?
Danced in the rain?
Driven a car?
Drank alcohol?
Been on a diet?
Been skydiving?
Collected anything?
Worn the same outfit 2 days in a row?
Slept on the floor?
Ate something that wasn't food?
Slept in till noon?
Been snowboarding?
Seen the ocean?
Been surfing?
Had a nightmare?
Performed in front of a crowd?
Played a musical instrument?
Graduated high school?
Sang in front a lot of people?
Read a book from start to finish in one day?
Read a book that was 1,000 pages or more?
Been out of your state?
Been out of your country?
Slept over at a friend's house?
Ran away from home?
Failed a test?
Stayed in the hospital?
Not showered for more than 2 days?
Snuck into a movie?
Held hands with anyone?
Watched kids movies as an adult?
Stayed in your pajamas all day?
Cry yourself to sleep?
Broke a bone?
Been in an ambulance?
Lost a loved one?
Been lost in the middle of nowhere?
Got a speeding ticket?
Had a boyfriend or a girlfriend?
Been drunk?
Been in love?
Been to an amusement park?
Climbed up a mountain?
Got a really bad sunburn?
Got a really bad haircut?
Dyed your hair?
Had braces?
Had a cavity?
Rode a horse?
Rode a mechanical bull?
Change a diaper?
Met someone famous?
Got a picture with someone famous?
Won a spelling bee?
Cut school?
Experienced deja vu?