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Author: foodie123
Created: May 7, 2014
Taken: 140 times
Rated: G

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Ultimate Food Survey

Created by foodie123 and taken 140 times on Bzoink
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On a scale from 1-10, how much do you love food?
At the minute, what is your favourite thing to eat?
What is your current favourite restaurant?
What is your guilty pleasure?
Do you prefer to cook at home or eat out?
Do you have a specific type of diet (eg vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free)?
Do you consider yourself a good cook?
What is your favourite kind of cuisine (e.g. Mexican, Indian, Italian etc)
Do you prefer savoury or sweet?
Do you like breakfast, lunch or dinner best?
Who is your favourite chef?
Do you follow recipes or make things up as you go?
Do you own a lot of recipe books?
What is the best thing you've ever made?
What is the weirdest thing you've ever tried?
Are you adventurous with food?
Which foods don't you like?
Fruits, vegetables and other plant-based foods
What is your favourite vegetable?
Has there ever been a time when you refused to eat vegetables?
Do you prefer veggies cooked or raw?
What would be in your perfect salad?
Which colour pepper do you prefer: red, orange, yellow or green?
Do you prefer sweet potatoes or normal potatoes?
Any vegetables you strongly dislike?
Are there any vegetables that you've never tried?
Do you eat pulses, such as lentils and chickpeas?
Are you a fan of hummus?
What's the best kind of nut?
Do you love peanut butter?
Do you eat seeds?
What is your favourite herb?
What is your favourite spice?
Do you regularly use herbs and spices to add flavour to your food?
What is your favourite fruit?
Did you know that a banana isn't actually a fruit, it's a herb?
And did you know that tomatoes are fruits?
Do you like fruit smoothies?
Do you eat a lot of fruit or could you eat more?
What is the most exotic fruit you've tried?
What is your favourite kind of apple?
Do you like to use fruits in desserts, to make pies or crumbles?
Do you eat dried fruit?
Do you prefer white or brown bread?
Have you ever made your own bread?
What's the best bread you've ever eaten?
What would you put on your best sandwich ever?
What toppings would you have on your ideal pizza?
Do you eat toast? What do you put on it?
Do you eat breakfast every single morning?
What's your perfect breakfast?
What's your favourite cereal?
What's the best kind of pasta (eg spaghetti, tagliatelle, penne)
What's your favourite pasta dish?
Do you love noodles?
Do you prefer white or brown rice?
Do you ever eat couscous, quinoa, spelt, things like that?
Meat and seafood
Do you eat all kinds of meat and fish, or do you cut anything out?
What's your favourite meat?
How do you like your steak cooked?
What's the best part of a chicken?
What's the weirdest meat you've ever eaten?
Any meats you would feel guilty about eating? (eg venison because of Bambi)
What's the best way to cook meat?
How often do you eat red meats?
How often do you eat meat in general?
Sausages or bacon?
What is your favourite kind of fish?
Do you eat shellfish, such as mussels and clams?
Have you ever eaten squid or octopus?
How about oysters?
Do you like crab and lobster?
Do you like sushi?
Have you ever been fishing?
Do you try to eat more sustainable fish?
Do you like smoked fish?
Do you like all seafood?
Do you eat dairy?
Have you ever tried milk not from a cow eg goat's milk?
Do you think it's weird that we drink the milk of other animals?
What's your favourite kind of cheese?
Have you ever had dairy alternatives such as soya or almond milk?
Do you think you could ever go vegan?
Do you eat yoghurt?
Do you prefer plain or flavoured yoghurt?
Fast food
What is your favourite fast food restaurant?
What would you usually order at McDonalds?
When you get take-out what do you usually get?
Papa John's or Domino's?
How often do you eat fast food?
If it didn't make you fat would you eat fast food everyday?
Does eating fast food sometimes make you feel a bit gross?
Do you ever think about the production of fast foods?
What triggers you to crave fast food?
Do you see fast food as a treat?
Sweet treats
What is your favourite dessert?
How often do you eat dessert?
Do you like to bake?
What is your favourite kind of cake?
What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?
What is your favourite candy?
Do you love chocolate?
What is your favourite chocolate bar?
How often do you eat candy?
What's the best kind of pie?
If you could just have dessert for every meal, would you?
How often do you drink water?
What is your favourite soft drink?
Do you drink soda?
Do you prefer diet or ordinary soda?
Pepsi or coke?
Do you drink juice?
What's your favourite kind of juice?
Are you a coffee person or a tea person?
What kind of coffee do you usually get?
Where do you buy coffee?
Do you drink herbal teas?
Do you like hot chocolate in the winter?
Do you drink alcohol?
What is your favourite alcoholic drink?
Do you like cocktails?
Are you good at taking shots?
Are you a lightweight or a heavyweight?