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Author: carmeloanthony7
Created: May 4, 2014
Taken: 46 times
Rated: G

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FOOD Questions!

Created by carmeloanthony7 and taken 46 times on Bzoink
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Do you like burgers with cheese or without it?
Do you prefer chicken in the oven, or chicken on a frying pan?
Do you like steak?
Have you ever asked a vegetarian over to a meat dinner?
Fruit and Vegetables
Do you like fruit?
Do you like vergetables?
Have u ever had celery with peanut butter?
have u ever dipped your apple slices in ice cream?
Have you ever tried a vegetable with a yummy substance, like ice cream?
Do you fix fruit and vegetables into shapes on your dinner plate?
Do you prefer cold carrots or cooked carrots?
Do you like Zucchini ends with the skin cut off?
If so, do you like the ends diced in water and crushed pepper and salt?
Bread and stuff like that
Do you prefer wheat bread, white bread, or potato bread?
Do you like pasta with or without sauce?
Do you eat italian bread with sesame seeds on it?
Do you prefer white rice, or fried (brown) rice?
Will you eat cold rice?
Junk food
Do you prefer corn chips or potato chips?
Chili Cheese fritos, or regular fritos?
Chips Ahoy or Oreo?
Rice Krispy oreos or Cookie Dough oreos?
ice cream or cake?
40 flavors or Dairy Queen?
Air Heads or fruit roll-up?
Gushers or fruit roll-up?

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