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Author: livelaughlove05
Created: April 8, 2014
Taken: 270 times
Rated: G

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Created by livelaughlove05 and taken 270 times on Bzoink
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Pizza or Breadsticks
Corn or Broccoli
Fish or Chicken
Milk or Water
Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate
Ocean or Lake
Harry Potter or Twilight
Movies or Music
Daydream or Dream at night
Fix a problem or Ignore a problem
Dance or Sing
Help or Be helped
Friendly or Unfriendly
Crazy or Quiet
Money or Love
Lunch or Dinner
Spaghetti or Lasagne
Vegan or Vegetarian (or neither)
Religion or Science
Paint or Crayons
Glue or Tape
Lamps or Flashlights
Phone or Computer
Laundry or Dishes
Food or Sleep
Paper towels or Wash cloths
Shower or Bubble bath
Jump or Skip
Fun or Boredom
Trivia or Test
Titanic or The Hunger Games
Wheel of Fortune or Minute to Win It
One Direction or The Wanted
Disney Channel or Nickelodeon
Spongebob Squarepants or Hannah Montana
Country or Pop
Hollywood or Disneyland
Drive your own car or Ride in a taxi
City life or Country life
Work or Play
Work hard or Be lazy
Plan ahead or Plan the day of
Studying or Cramming
High school or College
Homework or Labs
History or Science
Guy friends or Girl friends
Basketball or Baseball
Football or Hockey
Sports or Theatre
Broadway or West End
Wicked or Les Miserables
The Lion King or The Little Mermaid
Disney movies or Pixar movies
Cars or Frozen
Disney princesses or Super heroes
Mexican food or Italian food
French or German
White or Black
Pink or Purple
Blue or Green
Tall or Short
Big family or Small family
100 acquaintances or 5 close friends
Mansion or Beach house
Surfing or Snowboarding
Ice Skating or Swimming
Summer or Winter
Christmas or Easter
Halloween or April Fool's
Eggs or Bacon
Meat or Not
Dogs or Cats
Sketchers or Nike
Adidas or Converse
Boots or Tennis shoes
Vans or Toms
Dresses or Jeans
Prom or Homecoming
Limo or Party bus
Date or Going solo
Fruit punch or Grape soda
Ballet or Hip Hop
Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny
Christmas lights or Easter egg hunts
Movies at home or In a theater
Popcorn or Candy
Subway or Quiznos
Olive Garden or Mimi's Cafe
Starbucks or Dutch Bros.
Driver or Passenger
Trains or Planes
Road trip or Plane trip
Secrets or Being open
Dodgeball or Kickball
Ham or Turkey
Cheddar or Mozzarella
Burritos or Tacos
Soda or Coffee
Baseball games or Football games
Cold weather or Warm weather
Hawaii or Alaska
Canoeing or Kayaking
Summer camp or Winter cabin
School or Work