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Author: cheddarsox
Created: January 28, 2014
Taken: 41 times
Rated: G

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May as well accept it Valentine's Day is coming

Created by cheddarsox and taken 41 times on Bzoink
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Your secret crush...
Do you have one?
Do they know you are crushing on them?
Are they taken?
Is it possible that you two might ever get together? if not, why?
Do you have a partner now?
Would you ditch your present partner to give things a chance with the crush
Have you ever given your crush a hint that you like them?
What is the boldest thing you've done to get their attention?
What is the lamest thing you've done in front of them?
Do you actually know them or are you crushing from afar?
Have you told anyone else you are crushing on this person?
What would you do if they came up to you and said "So, I hear you like me"
Are you going to do something for them on Valentines Day?
If so, will you do it openly or anonymously?
Your Secret Admirer...
Have you ever received something signed "your secret admirer"?
Has anyone shocked you out of the blue by letting you know they like you?
If an acquaintence, not friend, said they liked you, would it creep you out
What is the nicest way someone let you know they liked you
whats the creepiest way someone let you know they liked you
Would you prefer a purchased card or hand made card from a SA
Have you ever signed something "your secret admirer"
Have you ever helped a friend when they secretly admired someone?
Do you suspect someone secretely admires you now
If you do, do you have a friend "research" it for you
If you got a card from a SA, would it be weird/lame or sweet?
Have you ever pretended to a friend they had an SA?
The anti-Valentine...
do you like Valentine's day
Do your friends like it or do you hang out with Val. Day haters?
Has anyone ever sent/given you a mean Valentine?
Have you ever sent/given a mean Valentine?
If you have, did you sign it?
Do you care if you have a partner, or do you celebrate V day anyway
Does V day make you feel sad
If you had a partner and they hated V day, would you be sad
Does your school/work do anything for V day
Do you give your mom anything for V day
Do you think V day is more about sex or love
what do you hate most about V day
do you consider yourself romantic?
romantic in a classical way or a quirky way?
Do you think guys enjoy romantic things?
Would you give a guy a stuffed toy for V day?
Would you like to get a stuffed toy for V day?
Would going out or staying in be more romantic?
Would you prefer flowers and candy or a movie and a burger
Do you like to dress up for V day
Do you decorate for V day
What song do you consider most romantic these days
Would it be sweet or lame to do a slow dance with your partner at home
Is star gazing romantic
teddy bear and a card, or a mix CD?
do your parents do something for V day
what will your best friend do on V day?
what will you do for your partner?
what do you hope partner does for you?
rate these 1-10
A bunch of balloons
a singing telegram
flowers delivered to your house
they bring you flowers
heart shaped box of chocolates
a basket of all different kinds of candy
stuffed toy
fancy dessert
go out dancing
go to a meal
stay in watch a romantic movie
they decorate your locker
they bring you one perfect rose
hand made card
silly store bought card
romantic store bought card
singing card
they write you a poem
jewelry, nice
jewelry that has two halves, one for each of you
a useful but not romantic gift
dont do valentines because they don't believe in it
have other plans that day so celebrate another time
skip school and have a date together
zoo or museum date
sexy date, rent a room or something like that
they give you a puppy or kitten
you get joint tattoos
they get a tattoo that relates to you
someone new asks you out on V day
A few more thoughts....
If you could do ANYTHING, money no object for V day...
what would it be?
Does size matter? or is it the thought that counts?
the size of a bouquet
the size of a box of candy
the price of dinner
the size of a diamond in a ring
how much is spent on your gift
how fancy a card you get
how much of a fuss they make
if they make a show in front of your friends
or do it all privately